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Memorial Day Weekend. A Weekend Like Many Others, With a few Pleasant Exceptions.

Memorial Day weekend was not unlike most weekends for us, except that because we had an extra day off, we were able to squeeze in a bit more fun. We took care of the some unglamorous tasks (as we do every weekend) such as our bi-annual sorting of the kids' clothes, which we have all come to dread [most of all me since I spearhead this continually daunting task] and ran some painfully dull errands (at least the kids thought they were) such as going to Lowe's Hardware to pick up hose attachments for my burgeoning gardening obsession. Thank goodness we were able to squeeze in a few enjoyable outings (between the vapid tasks) and even had company over on Saturday evening, which was a real treat given how deprived we have been of that particular pleasure, during the pandemic.

Pondering the subject, I will never understand why all weekends are not three-day weekends? Who decided on the two-day weekend anyway? I have a few choice words for that person, as I'm sure most of us do. Three-day weekends are the only. way to get the unpleasant, yet necessary chores done, while still having a little leftover time for relaxation and fun. With all the post-pandemic changes occurring around us, perhaps the powers that be might reconsider the idea of making the three-day weekend the new norm. After all, don't we deserve it after what we've all endured?

On Saturday afternoon we went to see my mom and grandma at the cemetery. We decorated their graves for the holiday. While we were there we saw the breathtaking display of flags they had to commemorate our fallen soldiers. It was a special visit, as it always is. The kids were so pleased to spend time with my mom, filling her on our week.

On Sunday evening, my dear friend Jessica and her adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter, Gigi (who were visiting from Texas) came for a visit and dinner at our home. Catherine loved playing big sister to Gigi seemed to really enjoy having another girl in the house for a change. Gigi too seemed delighted to be in the company of a big girl like Catherine. As a result of their instant bond, Jessica had a few minutes to relax and enjoy her hard-earned glass of wine. We had an early Memorial Day celebratory feast of cheeseburgers (with all the fixings), macaroni salad, two kinds of chips and ice cream sundae's for dessert (again with all the fixings). You can't get more all-American than that!

On Memorial Day the kids and I ventured to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. They just reopened a few days before so we were excited to get tickets (purchased a week in advance with an assigned arrival time, pandemic-style, of course).

Garin and I have been to the library quite a few times, including once when I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a parent chaperone for his 5th grade field trip (that was the coveted trip of the year that all the school moms wanted to get). However, the other kids have only been a few times, prior to the pandemic, when we went at Christmastime for a holiday dinner and lights celebration. This was their first time through the library in its entirety Miles was finally old enough (sort of) and enjoyed giving a mock State of the Union speech with President Carter cheering him on in the background.

Air Force One is always a huge hit (even for me). It's awe-inspiring to see that huge airplane parked (well, suspended in the air actually) inside a museum. And the inside is even more fun with all the wonderful 80's throwbacks like rotary phones; a top-of-the-line IBM typewriter used to type up the president's speeches and correspondence; and of course jars of President Reagan's favorite candy, Jelly Bellies, everywhere.

In addition to seeing and going inside the Marine One helicopter (on the right), the library also had on loan, a stealth bomber which was really cool. Lest you not forget not the Top Gun post on this blog some months back, you'll recall my penchant for fighter jets and the sexy pilots that fly them.

The replica of the Reagan-era Oval Office was fun for the kids to see as well (also 80's-inspired in tones of rust and olive green).

We always enjoy the panoramic view from the replica of The South Lawn and the gentle breeze that seems to perpetually blow at this magical place. Whenever I spend the day at the library I always feel as though I've been on a mini-vacation. We ended our visit by spending time at the graves of the President and the First Lady. What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day.

Footnote: You might have noticed the hard-to-miss red, white and blue striped shirts worn by the boys. They served a dual purpose. The first, was to commemorate the patriotic holiday, of course. The second, and more important purpose was their bold colors (to put it mildly), making the boys (especially my escape artist Miles) impossible to lose in any crowd. An added bonus was that they were a huge hit with all the senior-aged docents at the library.

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