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Marooned on Gilligan's Island and so Grateful! Coronavirus Update - Day 42 and Counting.....

I have been honest about my struggles with managing during this epidemic, quarantined at home with 4 kids. There are so many stressful moments that don't make this blog. There are some, I might dare say, that I would be embarrassed to repeat. Either my kids did something so out of character (like play with fire on the stove while I take a much-needed grocery run to Trader Joes) or I hit a wall and had a psychotic break (that happens at least once a day). No one wants to hear about those moments (or maybe some of you do, in which case you can message me privately and I will be happy to share them). Suffice it say, like everyone else navigating these murky waters of COVID 19, we have our fair share of challenging and plain old crazy moments, at our house. But then, every so often, I will catch myself having a zen moment, where everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and the house is fairly quiet (that would only happen when they are all lined up on their computers with headphones on). During those moments, I am overcome with gratitude that we are all healthy and that if I had to be stuck on a deserted island (like Gilligan's Island, for example), I would want to be marooned with these four people. I have friends that are going this alone and I hear their struggles, with loneliness and isolation. They may have more downtime than I do and much less chaos, no doubt, but loneliness is no joke. I have thought of all the people that are navigating this amid a troubled marriage or worse yet, domestic violence. I can't imagine what their struggles must be. At our worst moments, I am overtired, overworked, and cranky beyond belief. But that is still way better than what I can imagine some other folks are dealing with. My kids are helpful, thoughtful and the most loving and affectionate souls I have ever known. They do so much right and so little wrong. It's just that when you are locked in your house, for such a long time, overwhelmed and overworked, the wrong can feel much bigger than it is. However, when I am having a zen moment and can take stock of my good fortune, with a level head, I have nothing but gratitude for the circumstances I find myself in. Disclaimer: I am writing this post at 10:30 in the morning which would explain my unusually sappy and emotional tone. I think I will post this before it hits noon and I decide to delete the entire thing!

Below is a little photo album that Graham made me recently. I get these types of things all the time from my kids. This is what gets me through my days.

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