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Lots of Love and new Herbs in our Garden!

Catherine took a break today from rollerskating in the backyard to tend to our new herb garden. First, I spotted her pulling out all the micro-weeds around the herbs. Then she carefully recorded each little plant's name on the new bamboo tags we bought and placed them next to each of the 22 herbs.

Since we started replanting our garden nearly six months ago, I have wanted an herb garden. Since I cook so much, it made perfect sense. However, it took us a while to figure out where our herb garden was going to be planted. A few weeks it finally came to us. With some guidance and inspiration from the wonderful gardeners at Otto and Sons. (our favorite rose nursery in Fillmore), we decided that our herb garden didn't need a designated spot of its own, but rather the herbs could be casually planted. amongst our roses. It worked out perfectly, I am happy to report. Since our rose beds are all in areas of the garden that get plenty of sunlight, the herbs are also happy there. We planted 22 herb plants in all and are so excited to watch them grow and eventually use them in the kitchen to cook.

Thank you to Catherine, my beloved gardening partner, for helping me with every aspect of the garden, from cutting roses to bring in the house (daily), to pulling weeds (everywhere), to raking leaves (bags-full) after a terrible windstorm, to making quaint signs for our new herbs. My garden would not be nearly as beautiful without her expertise, enthusiasm, and love for our plants and flowers.

We had this plaque made for our garden. It will be placed amongst the roses, in honor of my mom. It has her favorite flowers, sunflowers, painted on it. It was handmade by a lovely artisan we found on Etsy, named Patrizia, who lives and paints in Italy,

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