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Lieblich Kids' Post. The Many Imaginary Lives of Fitzy! Coronavirus Update - Day 142 and Counting...

Welcome to the many imaginary lives of Fitzy. Will he be a Rock Star, or maybe a French Painter? It's Garin, with Catherine, Graham, and Miles and we will present our Fitzy portraits on the blog post today.

Catherine thought up this clever idea: She drew a picture of Fitzy with a hat and a sweater. We all soon followed suit, making our own drawings of Fitzy's imaginary professions. Then Catherine came up with the brilliant idea to turn these drawings into a blog post.

Before we get started here are some quick and fun facts about pugs. Pugs, an ancient breed, were bred in China. They were treated as royalty. A group of pugs is called a grumble. Without further ado let us present our drawings.


This is my Fitzy drawing. I drew a hat and a sweater because I thought it would be cute. I love pugs. They also are really fun to draw. I decided to draw Fitzy because he is the best dog in the history of the world. And I love his beautiful fur and his curly tail.


"Fitzy as Santa." That is what my work of art is called. I came up with the Santa idea and was wondering how to draw it. Some other ideas I hade were of a side shot with the head facing towards you, or a front shot of a face and then a wreath around it. I ended up going with the standing up idea.


This is Fitzy the french artist, I decided to make it because Catherine made a pug.

He is painting a picture of the sky here and is napping on his poof.

Ta-da! His painting is done!


I wonder if you want to be a Rockstar Rug or maybe a French Artis Pugt. I want to ask you if you have two dogs that have the same clothes as the ones in my drawings?

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