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Let's get the Party Started! Fitzy Rings in His Last Year as a Tweenager.

Fitzy started his day with a perfect pram ride through Hidden Hills, visiting some of his favorite equine friends. Tommy Haflinger, the one with the fancy braids, even gave Fitzy a birthday kiss.

Doggie decor meets Halloween when your birthday lands on October 29th.

Like me, Fitzy requested a steak house dinner for his party menu. New York steak, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and mushrooms sautéed with white wine and cream. Fitzy's favorite dish was the steak, of course.

We had such a good time celebrating his birthday, but best of all was handing him steak off our plates and watching him devour it.

Fitzy had a doggy peanut butter cookie for dessert and the humans had a princess cake from Gelsons, decorated especially for his birthday.

Two eager guests, ready for their dessert.

It's possible that Fitzy liked his birthday cookie even more than the New York steak. Watch and see.

The kids made the most touching array of homemade cards for their doggy brother. Now that I think about it, I don't think they made me that many cards for my birthday.

Now....Fitzy turns 12!

Then....Fitzy celebrating his first birthday in style. What an incredible 12 years it has been. We love you Jameson Fitzpatrick "Fitzy!"

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