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Kenmare and Kinsale. We're Making our way South in Ireland and Loving Every Minute!

Well, we may not be loving every minute, but you have to grab readers with a compelling title, right? The car rides continue to be long and challenging (especially for the three little ones in the back), but we're managing. Other than the drives, I think things are going pretty well for a single parent, traveling with four children, for five weeks through Europe.

We are starting to see the changes as we travel further south in Ireland. On the negative side, we see fewer sheep. We miss the sheep! The landscape looks different than in the other areas of Ireland we have visited already, but is equally beautiful.

Our days are becoming more city-oriented. We visited two charming towns yesterday, Kenmare and Kinsale. We had fun shopping, eating and doing all those towny things.

Another scrumptious breakfast prepared with love by our hosts at the Greenmount House.

We felt so at home and enjoyed ourselves so much at the Greenmount that we found it hard to say goodbye. Gary, the proprietor was charming in that unique Irish sort of way. We hope to go back to Dingle someday.

After our reluctant departure from Dingle, we were off to Kinsale, stopping in the charming town of Kenmare, County Kerry. en route. We visited a traditional lace-making center there and did some shopping in town as well. We are definitely returning to Kenmare on our next trip to Ireland to spend more time. A few hours was not nearly enough.

In the late afternoon, we finally arrived at our final destination for the day, Kinsale, County Cork. The Actons Hotel, where we stayed was beautiful! Garin, Miles, and I bunked in one suite while Catherine and Graham bunked together in their own room (they didn't have a Family Room, so we couldn't stay together). Miles and Graham served afternoon tea for all of us, which is a new daily tradition we are growing accustomed to.

After our tea party, Catherine and I headed out for an hour or so to explore Kinsale and do a little mother-daughter shopping trip, while the boys stayed behind and watched TV.

Our last stop of the day was Sydney's Bar, for dinner. We were all too tired to head back into town to eat, so this was perfect.

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