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Is it Still Even Going to be the Kona Virus When I Grow up? Coronavirus Update - Day 94 and Counting

This was Miles' profound question to me earlier this evening as I was strapping him in his car seat after our walk. Of course, as any good mother would, I reassured him that there would no more Kona Virus when he grew up. But as I was saying it, I felt a bit of doubt. That's how never-ending this pandemic feels to me and I suppose his question to me, affirms how never-ending this feels to him as well. 

From time-to-time I see the kids crack at the seams from all of this. Last night the kids and I were all in the living room after dinner. I was working on my blog post and Garin was to practice his piano. He kept making mistakes and eventually slammed his fists on the keys and starting crying. I reassured him and told him to just stop playing for the night. He said, It's not that, I am just so tired of the Coronavirus.  I felt so bad for him.

When I can get outside my head, which is too often filled with worry and concern for all us and our future, I contemplate how my kids, and all kids for that matter, are processing this. I think only time will tell. It will be interesting, when they are adults, to hear their version of this time in history. Will they have any fond memories of being home together or just frightful tales of crazy mommy, their homeschool teacher, who was constantly overwhelmed, stressed out, and raising her voice way more than usual?  

With perfect weather, today we spent most of the day outside enjoying the fresh air. I had to clean the house and we did one big cleaning project together (see below). We also spent a few hours looking online at virtual summer camps and making lists of possible activities to fill our time in the house this summer. Other than that, it was just a lovely day to be outside and try to forget, for a little while, all the pain and suffering going on in the world. Miles' question, however, reminded me that it is never far from anyone's mind. 

We embarked on a little cleanout and reorganization of the refrigerator.

It took a little more time than planned, as these sorts of things often do.

Garin got silly in the middle of it and started making up crazy food songs, which made it go by a bit faster. He can find the humor in just about anything.

Miles standing by proudly as we finished. You'd think he actually did some of the work (which he did not).

Finally outside! Catherine and Miles cruising in the Caddy.

Garin on his bike, right before he fell and skinned his knee (thank goodness it was nothing worse).

Graham trying to make a go of it on Catherine's scooter.

Miles, the donut hole, enjoying the beautiful pool weather.

Our resident athlete always raising the stakes.

A little dot-to-dot in the sun.

Graham serving some watermelon sorbet and cold waters for refreshment. He always gets the presentation just right.

A pair of doves building a nest outside our kitchen window. Exciting!

Visiting with some very extroverted horses on our walk.

Admiring the three mini horses out grazing in the gentle breeze warm sun.

Delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner. I served them with homemade guacamole and chips. A big hit!

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