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"I can too be a dog Walker!" So take that! Coronavirus Update - Day 44 and Counting..

Miles has been getting a lot of coverage lately on my blog, which, if he knew, would please him immensely. He has just been more newsworthy of late, is all. This morning, Miles accompanied me as I was getting dressed, as he has nearly every morning since the quarantine started. I enjoy his company and we always have nice chats, as we get ready together for our day. During today's conversation, the question Miles posed to me was, "What do you think I'll do when I grow up, Mommy?" That's always a fun question to explore with a 5-year-old. After much back and forth, he settled on a dog walker. "That sounds perfect, Miles," I told him. Then I said that I thought that would be the perfect job for me too, since going for walks and dogs are two of my favorite things. What came next took me by complete surprise. Miles responded, "It's too bad you can only be a mommy, stay at home and do nothing."  What? Really? Are you kidding me? Did you say that to me in the middle of COVID 19?  I froze and tried to process what he had said. My first reaction was feeling like I had been punched in the stomach. That only lasted 5-10 seconds, thankfully. The next thought I had was, Is that how he sees me?That's not possible!I work my butt off 18 hours a day. What is he talking about? Furthermore, since when am I not qualified to be a dog walker if I so choose? The thoughts kept coming so quickly, that I could hardly process them. The next thought that flashed through my mind was, Why did I choose to be a stay-at-home mom, if this is the thanks I am going to get? Furthermore, I don't stay at home and do nothing all day, Miles." Once I let myself go through this myriad of thoughts and feelings, which only lasted about 60 seconds or less, I got a hold of myself and responded to him in the least defensive and calmest manner I could muster. "First of all, Mommy doesn't do nothing all day, Miles." I started, as that seemed like the most important point to get across. I followed that with, "How could you say that to me?" in an attempt to express my hurt feelings to him. I finished up with, "Besides, I can too be a dog walker if I want to!" So take that (I didn't say that part out loud)! He looked at me blankly, in his tighty-whities, then started his usual morning Tom Cruise Risky Business dance across my bathroom floor, as if the entire conversation had never happened. Typical man, I thought. 

Our first drive-by birthday party, since being quarantined.

Happy 11th Birthday Sydney!

Our first family outing in 2-3 weeks. They could hardly contain their excitement as we first headed to the drive-by party, followed by the drive-thru car wash and finally to Costco for gas. Exciting times!

The psychedelic car wash is always a crowd favorite.

I haven't filled up my tank in over six weeks. The last time, it cost me close to $80. There are some positives, I suppose, about being quarantined.

Miles making fresh squeezed grapefruit juice from our tree. He never runs out of ideas to keep him busy, outside.

His customers, sampling his somewhat tart, yet refreshing, beverage.

The kid's tuning in for the wonderful CNN/Sesame Street COVID 19 Town Hall.

Miles all packed up and heading to Mommy's room for a slumber party, with his sleeping bag and beloved giraffe. All is forgiven!

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