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Happy 117th Birthday, Great-Granny!

Today would have been my grandmother's and the kids' great grandmother's 117th birthday. To commemorate the occasion we went to visit her and my mother at the cemetery today. We had a lovely visit and a lovely day.

(Note: Stay tuned for more posts on our fabulous East Coast trip as I get them written and posted).

Lucille Frances McDonald Ohman, otherwise known as Great-Granny, born: 7/7/1904. This photo was taken when she was a gorgeous 23-year-old girl in the Roaring Twenties.

My mom and grandma are buried next to each other which brings me great peace and makes it so nice when we visit them.

We try, most of the time, to bring roses from our own garden to their graves. It feels more special that we have grown them ourselves, with love. Once we get there, I trim the roses (Catherine often helps) and Miles gets the water to put in the vases. These are a vibrant pink batch of Flawless that we picked right before we left the house this morning.

We always spend time talking to my mom and grandma. Today we told them all about our trip Back East and everything else we have been up to since we last saw them on Memorial Day weekend (this is the longest we have even gone without seeing them, so it felt really nice to be there).

The kids sweetly sang happy birthday.

Catherine never leaves without bending down and giving both her Granny and Great Granny a kiss.

After leaving the cemetery we made our way over to Descanso Gardens and had a little mid-morning snack, under the shade of a cool tree, of homemade zucchini bread baked by Graham.

It was a gorgeous day at the gardens but we couldn't enjoy them for too long due to the oppressively hot weather. It was only about 85 when we left at noon, but the temperature was rising steadily.

By the time we got back to The Valley at close to 1, it was 100 degrees, which is way too hot for my liking.

We stopped in to the (perfectly air-conditioned) California Pizza Kitchen to have lunch on our way home. It was such a treat! I found a receipt attached to an unused gift card in my wallet that was dated 3/08/2020. That was our last meal out before quarantine. It was very eerie.

We ended our day with swim lessons at the community pool. We picked up Garin from camp and all headed to the pool. It was just what we needed in the unforgiving heat. We headed home around 6:30 and the temperature was still 94 degrees.

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