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Half or Whole, all Birthdays are Worth Celebrating!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Catherine and Graham turned 8 1/2 today! Since we find any excuse to celebrate anything and everything in our family, we just had to celebrate this joyous occasion, pandemic or not. So we made our bi-weekly sojourn to two of our favorite places,: Descanso Gardens and to visit my mom. Here is our day in photos.

We had a lovely picnic at Descanso Gardens which served as a perfect backdrop for our half-birthday photos. We even dined on mini bundt cakes for dessert.

The birthday boy and girl!

The gang!

This was our pick for favorite camilla of the day: Camellia Japonica Hagoroma. The blossoms are a gorgeous blush pink and the variety originated in Japan in the 1800's. Garin was intoxicated by the sweet aroma.

They had a beautiful display of different camellias in pots, each identified with a name tag and photo. It was so interesting to see all the different varieties together like that, each with their different shaped leaves and colors of blooms.

Catherine and Mommy enjoying a tranquil moment in the camellia forest.

On to see my mom. We brought this photo of Miles and her as a special gift. We also brought two bunches of the most resplendent Mexican sage for her and my grandmother to enjoy.

It was at Miles' request that we go visit Granny this weekend, in commemoration of his upcoming birthday on Monday. He said that he wanted to spend his birthday with her since she always came to see him on his birthday. My mother, no doubt, was pleased as punch by his request.

The boys having a more reflective moment.

Then there was this.... Despite my insistent reminders that we were at a cemetery, not a rock climbing venue, my boys couldn't resist the temptation to climb this enticing wall behind the area where my mother is trying to rest in peace.. I have a feeling Granny would understand "Boys will be boys," I hoped she might say. At least she would have forgiven her youngest grandson, Miles, knowing well, what an intrepid lad he is. It was he, after all, that started all the climbing nonsense.

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