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Haircuts, at Last! Grateful for the Small Things. Coronavirus Update - Day 107 and Counting...

I think it's been close to six months since the kids had haircuts. Yikes! 

Our last visit to the salon was right after the holidays, or thereabouts. Our next appointment was scheduled on March 14th of this year, the day after lockdown. I recall getting a call from Donna, at Bambino's Children Salon, letting me know that she would be closing her salon for a few weeks and would call me when she re-opened. I had a bad feeling when I got that call and remember wishing I had just booked their appointments the weekend before. That was three and a half months ago. 

I too get my hair cut at Bambino Salon. That's what busy moms do. It's one-stop shopping, easy on the wallet, and a huge time saver for me. In March, I was much more overdue to cut my hair than were the kids. It was obscenely long and in desperate need of a trim. Once I realized that a few weeks of quarantine was probably going to turn into a few months (or even years), I summoned the courage to cut my own hair. Although quite nervous, it turned out fine, since I have no layers or bangs. I was impressed with myself. 

I was never able to summon the same courage to cut the boys' hair. I had watched Donna cut their hair many times and knew that was way above my pay grade. So, for a while, their hair looked kind of funky - not short, not long, just weird. Then something interesting happened. It got past that funky stage and started to look cool and stylish. I hadn't let their hair grow out in a long time, so I had forgotten what it looked like. I liked it! 

Then a few days ago, we passed that cool and stylish phase and went into the unkempt phase. I don't do unkempt. I picked up the phone today at 3, called Donna, and was at her salon with all four kids, 30 minutes later. 

Donna follows my blog and commented that she was liking the boys' hair long, from the photos she had seen. So together, we decided to clean it up but keep it long. A fun new change that came out of the pandemic. It's nice when every once in a while there is a silver lining in all this doom and gloom

I cut Catherine's hair at home this morning. It turned out pretty well. Donna only had to do a little touching up this afternoon at her salon.

I cut my own hair this morning as well. Catherine made it nearly perfect with her great eye and talent with scissors. Donna caught the last few imperfections this afternoon. Voila!

Miles played Dress-up in my closet while Catherine and I played Beauty Shop in my bathroom.

Graham - Before

Miles - Before

Garin - Before

Donna working her magic on Miles. We were so happy to see her after nearly six months!

Miles absconding with my phone and shooting a selfie with a hard-earned lolly-pop in his mouth.

Graham - After.

Miles - After

Garin - After

Catherine - After (we forgot her before photo)

I love my after dinner walks with Catherine and Fitzy.

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