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Garin Turns 13! A Two-Day Celebration. Part I

Since Garin's birthday (April 18th) fell on a weekend we decided to stretch his celebration out over the entire weekend, which pleased him greatly.

We started with a lovely lunch out on Saturday. This was our. first family celebration. meal. out to a restaurant in well over a year. It felt both strange and normal all at once. We sat outside on the sun-lit patio, socially distanced from any other patrons. The weather was spectacular, so it was. perfect day for a celebration. I felt like we were not only celebrating Garin's birthday, but also a return to some sense of normalcy. We all dressed up for the occasion, since there was much to celebrate.

I had to remind everyone of their restaurant manners (if. they ever had them to begin. with), since it had been so long since they had dined out. But soon enough, they got the hang of it and it didn't feel like a year had passed since we had been able to enjoy. such a simple pleasure.

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