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From Baby to Little Boy in a Morning's Time. Coronavirus Update - Day 151 and Counting...

This morning, we wandered out to the swings, which we haven't been on in quite some time. As we stood there, I stared at Miles' bucket swing and had a thought. Maybe he's finally old enough to change it out to a big boy swing seat?   I ran the idea by Miles and the other kids and all were very enthusiastic about the idea. So I headed off to the garage to get the ladder and the extra seat the installer had left with me, a few years ago, when he set up the swing set for the kids. 

Just like that, Garin helped me to install it, and then back I went to the garage with the ladder and the bucket swing. My heart was a bit heavy, as it is for all moms when their youngest grows out of their "baby stuff" (strollers, cribs, pacifiers, etc.). It is a demarcation of time and also a reality that your last baby is growing up. However, the sadness is always tinged with relief because we all know how much easier life gets (in certain ways at least) as they grow up. They sleep through the night (ostensibly), drop those pesky naps that you constantly have to rush home for, and stop throwing tantrums at the slightest thing that doesn't go their way. Watching them grow up elicits a mix of emotions, without a doubt. 

As soon as I returned from the garage, Miles was already on the big boy swing. Graham was sitting in the swing next to him, teaching him the intricacies of swinging without being pushed. "Forward, backward," he kept repeating as Miles was learning how to use his legs to gain momentum. 

Miles slowly started to get the hang of it. Within an hour or so, he was getting the height the big kids get when they swing. It was remarkable. Not only did he not have any fear of swinging high up in the sky, but he mastered the concept in record time. 

As most of us do when we are excited about a newly learned skill, he spent much of the day on the swing, practicing his new accomplishment. But for a short break to take a swim in the pool and cool off, Miles was on the swing most of the day, wearing a smile from ear-to-ear.

"Are you happy of my new swinging mommy?" Yes, I most certainly am, Miles. 

Getting a little lesson from the big kids on the basics of swinging.

Now he's got the hang of it!

Enjoying a leirusrely Sunday, reading and relaxing under the shade of a tree, while watching Miles swing, for much of the day.

Dinner: Gemelli pasta with Mushrooms, Fresh Spinach and a Light Cream Sauce.

Dessert: Graham's Homemade Corn Cookies.

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