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For the Next Pandemic, can I Come Back as Miles, Please? Coronavirus Update - Day 43 and Counting...

Although it has been getting easier over time, being quarantined is challenging, as I have mentioned, probably ad nauseam, in my blog posts. But given the alternative, being stricken with COVID 19, most would agree that is the lesser of two evils. Everyone has their own set of challenges to face, whether you are doing it alone, with a spouse, or with a family. Since I am doing this with a family that is what I know and write about. Within our family, I have noticed that there is a hierarchy of challenges, so to speak. In other words, not everyone in the family is equally challenged by the circumstances we find ourselves in. The person in the eye of the storm is most certainly me, Mommy. I think mother's across the country would agree with. Our respective plates are overflowing. Kids too have their unique challenges to face, during these uncertain times. I have noticed these challenges vary by age and by temperament. In our home, of the four, Garin has it the hardest. He is a smart guy and hyper-aware, making his experience of this pandemic, more palpable. Catherine and Graham are fairing okay, thus far. Between their ages (7) and their mostly cheerful temperaments, they seem to be riding out the storm pretty well. Then there is Miles. Honestly, the guy has it made. There is nothing but sunny skies in his forecast. Concerning school, he only has a few Zoom meetings a week, from which he often cuts out early. During his meetings, he sings a few sweet songs with Miss Jodie, visits with his friends, and reviews a few letters of the alphabet. He stays in his PJs every day until 10 or 11, at which time he is done "sunbathing," as he calls it, in the backyard. Being the savvy boy that he is, Miles has now enlisted Garin to be his pool boy, before Garin's school day starts. Garin brings him snacks and drinks, on a tray, while Miles reclines on a chaise lounge, under an umbrella by the (gated - lest you worry) pool. Once he gets around to getting dressed, he sometimes makes himself a second breakfast of scrambled eggs, with Mommy's assistance, of course. Then it's back out to the yard for some Vitamin D therapy by way of the swingset, insisting that Mommy push him, and then some independent yard time, also known as Total Yard Destruction. When he comes back in, it's time to play Alphabet Go Fish and Do You Look Like Your Dog, matching games. Since everyone else is occupied with school he plays with Mommy and insists that we play single every day, without fail. After that very grueling morning, lunch rolls around. He wanders up to the kitchen island and dines on whatever delights Mommy has prepared from him. By the early afternoon, Graham is usually done with his work and takes over as his playmate and servant, so Mommy can get some work or cleaning done. They bounce in and out of the house playing all sorts of fun pretend games. Graham often sits on the couch with him and reads him all of his (Graham's) favorite childhood books. Yesterday, they took all the luggage out (which is still out and waiting for Mommy to put away) and pretended they were taking a trip, somewhere. Can I go too, please? I need a vacation, after six weeks of house arrest. By the late afternoon/early evening, he has all three kids at his beck and call, to spoil him. Graham prepares High Tea for him around 4 and serves it on their outdoor picnic table. Catherine patiently plays yet another round of, Do You Look Like Your Dog, matching game, and Garin always finds some sort of crazy yet magical way to hold his little 5-year-old attention. If or when we have another pandemic in 100 years, all I ask is to come back as Miles and do it in real style.

Living the life with his own personal Pool Boy.

Second breakfast anyone?

Miles thorougly enjoys his own cooking.

Enjoying the sun, swing and time with Mommy.

My favorite thing about playing matching games with Miles is that he always wins, which is ironic since he always sets up the game too.

He never tires of this fun-filled dog/human matching game and always wins.

The pals out enjoying the sunshine and slide.

It's High Tea Time!

Graham sharing his favorite books with Miles.

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