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Fancy Day and Summery Mint Iced Tea

How better to celebrate the end of a pandemic school year than with a Fancy Day? Since the kids were not able to have a traditional end-of-the-year school party due to Covid restrictions, they had to get resourceful. In the case of Catherine and Graham, they made the suggestion to their teacher that they have a Fancy Day party that would involve dressing up, but no taking off of masks to enjoy party foods and. drinks, as would normally be the case at such a celebration. I thought it was a brilliant and so did their teacher. She had both the morning and afternoon cohort dress up and even she, who is notoriously. casual according to the twins, got all dolled up for the day. She even wore high heels (which they said she confessed she hadn't worn in years) to school for the day. I have a feeling the idea originated with Graham. As an aspiring GQ model it would seem, everyday would be Fancy Day if he could have it his way.

We also wanted to do something special for the teachers to show our appreciation for all they have done this year, so we came up with another brilliant idea (or at least we thought so.). We had an excess of fresh mint in our garden (three varieties - Chocolate, Sweet and Spearmint). So we gathered it up last weekend and decided to use it for the teachers' gifts. Below you will see our fresh and summery idea of how we showed our gratitude to our beloved teachers.

Catherine and Graham coordinated in varying shades of light and dark blue for Fancy Day.

Catherine and I made three or four stops last weekend before we found these perfectly green-tinted drink dispensers.

We filled each one with a variety of the different kinds of mint and then put an inch or two of water at the bottom to keep the mint hydrated and happy. It almost looked like a mint terrarium.

Finally we put the top on and attached the recipe with a coordinating green bow. I'd like to think that Martha Stewart would be envious of our idea!

Garin did a wonderful job rewriting a recipe we found online and putting these decorative touches all around to make it look perfect.

The kids also made handmade cards for each of their teachers to include with the gift (not shown here).

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