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Dodger Blue - it Seems to run in the Genes. Granny is Beaming Down From Heaven Tonight!

If you read my last post, you wouldn't be surprised to learn that Garin isn't exactly a "sporty guy," as the twins like to call the jocks in their class. In fact, he is quite the opposite. Nerd, bookworm and Poindexter are more likely terms I would use to describe my one-of-a-kind son. Garin would wholeheartedly agree.

Surprisingly, however, he has become quite the baseball aficionado. Not only does he thoroughly enjoy watching, but he understands every nuance of the game. He may not want to play baseball, but he has certainly enjoyed learning about the intricacies of the game. He breaks everything done in a most analytic fashion, which is certainly one way to enjoy the game. But he also gets electrified when something exciting happens, which truly warms my heart. When I watch him (and the games) it is my mom who is front and center in my mind.

My mom was a huge baseball fan. She grew up in Chicago, near Wrigley field, attending countless games as a little girl. Her love of baseball never waned, right up until the end. God forbid you would call her in the middle of a game. She would try to be as polite as possible, but she made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that unless you were calling with a dire emergency, she would have to hang up the phone immediately and ring you back later, once the game was over. Nothing was going to come between her and her Dodgers.

While she was still with us, Garin had not yet become the super fan his is today. His love and knowledge of the game have really blossomed over the past year or so. Whenever I watch him, watch the game, I can't help but think how proud she would be to see him following in her footsteps. I also imagine that if she was still here, he would call her up (after the game, of course, not during) and they would discuss the various plays and big moments in the game. He would pour over the various stats with her, which seem to fascinate him to no end, and she would eat it up. She would be over-the-moon to share her love of baseball with her first-born grandson.

Even though she is not here to witness his burgeoning enthusiasm for baseball, I have no doubt that she is smiling down from heaven. Not only did the Dodgers win tonight, but her grandson was cheering them on with as much gusto as she would have been. Like Grandmother, Like Grandson.

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Dominick Chiuchiolo
Dominick Chiuchiolo
22 de out. de 2021

That was great! Go Dodgers!!!! 😀

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