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Denny's - Who knew?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Like most families experience, at one time or another, we have had to tighten the purse strings in our house this year. Doing so, although not always fun, has called upon some of my talents and has actually become a fun challenge. Whenever I approach anything, I now always think, "Is there a way I can do this any cheaper?" The answer is almost always a resounding, "Yes!"

When you have kids they have to adapt as well. Some of the things you used to do, you can no longer do, which, if not painted in the right light, can make them feel sad. I have been challenged, more than any other time in my life, to find a positive way to adapt to our changing circumstances.

Food (and the cost of it) is a big concern when you have four kids and are trying to watch your expenses. Luckily, I am a trained chef and love to cook, so eating at home is my first line of defense when cutting costs on that front. That said, every mom, even a chef-mom, needs a break sometimes. I am on my own with four kids, 24/7 and cooking is just not always realistic. The Solution? Denny's! I had no idea how much kid's love Denny's, until necessity came in to play. I used to drive by Denny's all the time, see the sign "Kids eat free everyday from 4-10 PM" and that was that. When we entered this new phase, I decided to give it try. It turns out that only one of my kids can eat free (because I am the only adult), but every dollar counts, so it's still a savings. Five of us eat there (I stick to the breakfast menu, because that seems to be what they do best) for $24, including tip! Not just that, but my kids are actually excited to go! They know that Thursdays are our Big Night Out and as we get close to Denny's they all yell from the back of the car, "Yay, it's Denny's Night!" My heart is so happy when I hear that. We are now weekly regulars at Denny's and Maria, the General Manager, always greets us with a big smile and the warmth you would feel if you showed up at your grandma's house for dinner. It is so sweet!

It has been a huge lesson for me on so many levels. I realize how simple kids are and how it doesn't take a lot of money or anything fancy to please them. They just want to be together with their mom, in a cozy booth, eating yummy pancakes.

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