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My Experience with Cyberbullying During Covid 19. Sadly, it is Alive and Well.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Since the onset of COVID 19, I have been under the assumption that people are being kinder and more thoughtful amid this pandemic. I certainly have experienced that daily, as I am sure you have as well. However, sadly, the bullies and meanies are still out there lurking, as they always have been and always will be. I found it challenging to write my post last night because I was the victim of cyberbullying. Mine came from a close, but estranged, family member. Perhaps this made the bullying even more painful. My inclination was just to stop posting for a while, to let myself heal. Then I decided that would send a message that the bully had gotten the better of me. If you haven't been able to tell by now, after reading the content of my posts, that is not who I am. I am not a roll-over-and-take- it, kind of girl! I would not be raising four children on my own if I was easily intimidated. In that vein, I decided to write my post last night but struggled to get through it. From my thinking, that was preferable to not writing at all. However, when I read it, my post was not me. I had written in a "vanilla" tone, so as not to attract any more cruelty. When I awoke this morning, I gave myself a small pat on the back for having persevered but realized I had not done enough. I needed to be honest about what had happened, with myself and my readers. I am a writer and writers write. I knew that only writing about this, would allow me to get past it. I have always been a private person. I had a Facebook page that I hadn't updated in 10 years, until this past Fall. I swore off social media, to anyone who would listen. However, when I decided that I wanted to write, which I love so much, a blog seemed like a great way to get started. I have enjoyed my experience thus far. All of the wonderful comments and support from those of you who read it, have meant so much to me, as well as to my kids, who have been instrumental in this process. Getting a blog off the ground takes courage and having the positive feedback of my readers has given me the impetus to keep writing and sharing. However, it is remarkable to me, how one unkind and hateful person can undo all that good. I will not allow that to happen, in this case. I will continue to photograph, write and post for myself, for my readers, to set a good example for my children and most importantly for all the other people out there who have fallen victim to bullying of any sort. So take that!

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