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Coronavirus Update - Day 29 and Counting...

Today was our first day of Spring Break, but it sure didn't feel like it. I am not talking about real-life Spring Break, which would have had me flying out to New York this morning and the kids at the Clute's' house for the next week, being spoiled beyond belief. I am talking about Covid 19 Spring Break, which was a huge downgrade, for lack of a better word. For Covid 19 Spring Break I had visions of long walks on equestrian trails in Hidden Hills; baking cookies everyday and watching movies with big bowls of popcorn. Even with those simple goals, I got off to a pretty pathetic start today. After my walk, I came home and got sucked into the vortex of editing my websites. I have gotten caught in this black hole before and it is not pretty. Eight hours can go by without my eating any food, drinking any water nor even visiting the restroom. When the kids are in school, that is bad enough, but when they home, like today, it's even worse. I have been writing blog entires nonstop for weeks now, when not homeschooling, cooking or cleaning. During that time, I noticed many changes I wanted to make on the websites (most of them related to design) and for some reason, today was the day I was going to make all of them.. It was not a healthy choice, a particularly rational choice nor one I am proud of, but I made it anyway. The kids were good sports, but they were not happy.. They did their best to get through the day by playing games, watching some TV and having a bit too much screen time on their computers. My guilt quotient was pretty high. . Even as I write this, Garin is working on the mobile versions of both websites, since those are the last to be re-edited after all other changes are complete. Speaking of Garin, I need to acknowledge him tonight, with the biggest shout-out of gratitude. During much of this long day of design and editing, he sat by my side and helped out. We have a really good division of labor. There are many aspects of the websites that I am good at and others that he flies through. We know when to step away and let the other take over. We often sit side-by-side, on two computers, each of us working on a separate website, so that we can work more quickly. I couldn't have created any of this without my Boy Wonder. Catherine too, spent a good deal of time working with me today. She is so good at design and color choices. She loves to help me when I making those kinds of edits, to the websites. She is a stellar artist and has a keen eye for design. She contributes in a completely different, yet equally valuable way, as Garin. I am embarrassed to say that I forgot it was Good Friday until much later in the day. I hope God will forgive me for that, but more so, for not being the most attentive mother I could be. When thoughts of dinner finally rolled around (way later than they should have), all that came to mind was the email I had seen sometime earlier in the day from Fresh Brothers. They were sending me yet another one of their enticing coupons, which always get the better of me, when I am having. a weak moment. The kids were thrilled when I announced our dinner plans and it seems that all of my transgression for the day had been forgiven, with purchase of two medium pizzas. To assuage my guilt, I quickly put together a healthy green salad to serve on the side. Wouldn't it be nice if all of life's problems could be solved with two medium pizzas?

The slumber party went pretty well, so this is what I awoke to this morning, next to me. Heavenly, right?

This was what I saw at the foot of my bed this morning. No one evacuated to their own rooms in the middle of the night. I would say that was a success.

Okay he's gone from a purse dog ponytail, to a purse dog pony tail adorned with a flower, to a pink frilly shower cap. Oh dear, what could be next?

Fresh Brothers has become my savior, during this pandemic.

There is my healthy side salad, thus alleviating all guilt of picking up pizzas, again. I think it's been a week that I stayed on the wagon, so that's not so bad, is it?

Miles and Lady having a little bedtime dance together.

Ginger and Fred.

A little kiss to finish off the show.

The twins, squeezed in to my bed tonight, with Garin moving to a sleeping bag on the floor. Miles opted out of the camping trip and is in his own room tonight.

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