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Coronavirus Update - Day 27 and Counting

Today was a fairly quiet day. Everyone made it to their meetings on time and seemed to get their work done. Catherine got to write an essay about why she loves pasta and read it at her Zoom meeting. That was not a stretch for her, given how much she loves pasta. When I make it, which I did just a few nights ago, she is the first at the table to finish and then after finishing her second helping is always the first to ask for thirds. That girl definitely has some Italian in her! Miles tried his best to stay focused at his Zoom meeting, but wandered away quite a few times for various things such as a potty break (it's funny how when he's watching TV, I have to beg him to take a potty break) and to get hugs and kisses from me (which of course I couldn't deny him). I know he was happy to see Miss Jody and his classmates, but I think Zoom meetings are difficult for newly 5 year olds, to really understand. My guess is he would rather watch Sesame Street. All has been calm on the Garin front. He hunkered down and seemed to get his work done, although with him it is often hard to tell. I cross my fingers and hope I don't get any emails from his teachers saying he has incompletes in his assignments. The twins attended virtual cooking demonstrations given by their art and computer teacher, respectively. They did it at lunch, so both teachers made cute lunch menus and then asked went around and asked the kids what they would be having for lunch. It is was really sweet and fun for them. I had a chance to do a little organizing in my kitchen, which I shared in a separate post on, so do take a look! I made a simple, healthy, but delicious dinner tonight and was so pleased to have Graham and Miles in the kitchen helping me. Tonight, I have all but one of the kids (Miles), sleeping in my room. I usually have at least two in my bed with me, which is tight, since I only have a queen, but I don't mind. Tonight, Catherine and Graham got out their cozy sleeping bags, given to them by Tessa and Jason, and made beds for themselves at the bottom of my bed. I think during these unusual times, it brings them all comfort to be together. Miles asked if I could order him a similar sleeping bag, so that he could sleep in here too. Oh dear! What have I gotten myself in to? I guess when this is all over, I can sell my house and trade down for a one bedroom, since that's all we seem to need. I can also continue with homeschooling, since I seem to be getting used to that as well. It's amazing how much simpler life can be, when you need it to, isn't it? Be Safe stay well!

Playtime, after lunch. Catherine doing her requisite Go Noodle workout. Graham and Miles doing some of their much-beloved building together.

Garin and Catherine doing some research on the computer together.

Graham helping to cut up the potatoes for the soup. He and Miles peeled them for me.

Miles stirring the leeks until they were soft.

Leek, Potato and Corn Soup with Warm Crusty French Bread and Butter.

Garin trying to complete another art assignment tonight and the twins "camping" in my room.

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