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Coronavirus Update - Day 25 and Counting

It's Monday and a rainy Monday to boot. I love rain and god knows we need it. But today, perhaps because of the rain, I felt really trapped in my schoolhouse.. Everyone (except Graham) was having problems and was cranky. I had wanted to implement my new outdoor recess and lunch program this week. I thought it might add value to everyone's sanity, if the kids had a couple of breaks throughout the day, to get outside, like they do at school. However, I had to scrap that plan, as it is supposed to rain most of the week. Catherine was 10 minutes late for her Zoom meeting, due to the usual confusion about how to log on. When she finally did join, she was unable to figure out what they were doing, so after a short time and out of pure frustration, she just shut her computer and proverbially walked out on the meeting, I was too busy trying to occupy Miles and frankly, too frustrated myself, to care. She got back on track later in the day and got her work done, so we recovered from that misstep. Miles was bored to pieces today. Honestly, I don't know how to occupy him anymore. I have been spending way too much time on the Lakeshore website, trying to figure out how to modify my schoolhouse into a makeshift preschool. I have always respected and been in awe of teachers, but after being at home for nearly 4 weeks straight with a pre-k boy, my awe has grown by leaps and bounds. Miles and I miss you, Miss Jodie! I think Garin is going through the change of life. He snaps at everyone about everything. Is there such a thing as an 11 year old boy with PMS? If so, I do believe he is afflicted with it. In all fairness, this distance-learning thing has hit him especially hard, This is a kid who longs to go back to school after being on a vacation for just a few days. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be trapped (literally, not figuratively) at home with your sometimes cranky and overwhelmed mom, not to mention your three younger sibling, when all you want to do is be at school. After lunch, things seemed to brighten up. It stopped raining, which gave me hope that once all the schoolwork was done, we might be able to get outside. Also, Miles asked me to come sit with him in the living room and look at photo albums, from when he was a baby. I marveled at how he looked at each photo and all he wanted to do was to find himself, no matter who else was in the photo with him. "Baby Miles taking a bath." "Bigger Miles at the beach." "Baby Miles in his crib." He also seemed to lament every toy he saw in the photos, if he thought we no longer had the toy. "Oh, I really miss that bear." "Mommy, where did that baby swing go?" My favorite comment was, "I wish I could be a baby forever, Mommy." When I asked him why, he replied, "Because then I would always be cute." I assured him that nothing could be further from the truth. As I sat there with him, I was keenly aware that this was one of those special moments that could only take place under these not-so-ordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. On any other "normal" and busy Monday, I would not cuddle up on the living room couch and leisurely browse through photo albums with my 5 year old son. I wish that were not the case, but it is. So I will take that moment as a small gift, in the middle of a somewhat difficult day and an even more difficult life situation and cherish it. I think all we can do to get through this, is to try to find and savor those small moments in the day, that are somehow special and unique to these circumstances and be both mindful and grateful when they arrive. We finally got out for our daily walk at 7, after dinner. Never, in our old life, would we have had the luxury to take a walk on a Monday night at 7. If you can keep focused on it, which is often easier said than done, there is a lot to be thankful and grateful for, as we navigate these unique times. Stay safe and be well!

The kids' breakfast: Cinnamon toast, banana bread, fresh fruit and a berry smoothie.

Mommy's breakfast: Organic blackberries, blueberries and strawberries topped with a dollop of greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, chia seeds, and a medley of toasted and chopped nuts.

Since it was raining, the kids wore their robes over their clothes - a hybrid PJ day.

Catherine and Miles listening to Strega Nona being read online most artfully, by Mary Steenburgen. Even I had to tune in for that!

An afternoon mediation session led by Go Noodle.

More meditating, while I laid on the couch, took photos and tried to both recover from the day and prepare myself for the rest of the evening.

A little dance party, Go Noodle-Style.

Miles and Fitzy sharing a little brotherly time.

A big bowl of spaghetti - a family favorite.

Peas with a pat of butter, salt and pepper.

Vegetarian Sausage Bolognese.

Garlic bread.

The finished product.

Heading back from our unusually late, but very-much-needed walk.

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