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Coronavirus Update - Day 22 and Counting....

It’s Friday and it sure does feel like it.  Not in that TGIF kind of way, but in that, god has it been a long week kind of way.  There are times when I feel like I’ve got this and other times when I don’t know how I am going to be able to keep up this pace for another two and half months, or more. I tell myself two and half months, because that is when school gets out, so I know I’ll be Teacher until then.  That is scary enough.  But every once in a while I let my mind wander to darker places, such as, what if this is not over June 12th, or whatever day the last day of school was supposed to be?  What if the kids can’t go to summer camp either and we are stuck in the house in the triple digit temperatures of the West Valley in the summer?  I don’t like heat at all.  I can already predict, that would not be a good scenario.   Today was actually a fine school day, so I have no complaints there, other than the usual chaos of keeping everything straight and the fact that we didn’t finish until 4, an hour past my nervous breakdown time.  I held it together, but inside I was beyond burned out.  We had to postpone Garin’s math test for tomorrow, because he wasn’t ready. That’s the bad thing about distance-learning, it seems to run 7 days a week.  The boundaries are just not as clear as they are with normal school.  Today was my mom’s 85th birthday, which was very bittersweet. Of course we are so blessed that she is here with us, given all that she has had to endure, health-wise.  However, the fact that such a milestone would be taking place without our even being able to see her or celebrate with her, was very sad for me.  The kids all made homemade cards for her. We will bake some of he favorite treats tomorrow and bring everything over to her assisted living to be dropped off.  We can’t even see her, is almost incomprehensible.   At times like these, this Coronavirus pandemic really does a number on my head.  It just comes over me, how strange, unfamiliar and sometimes scary, life has become. Graham awoke twice this week with nightmares.  I am not surprised.  If I cannot fully comprehend what our life has become and how drastically everything has shifted, how could we expect a child to?  I can’t imagine how their sweet and innocent minds are processing all of this.  Speaking of sweet and innocent, when I came down the hall tonight, I found Miles folding all my clean rags that I had left in the basket.  I teared up when I saw him. Just minutes before, I had been a bit snippy with the kids  and had to explain to them that I was really tired.  Miles took it upon himself to take something off my plate and make my life just a little easier.  God am I blessed to have these four souls as my children.  Stay safe and stay well!

Catherine in her brand-new headphones on her morning Zoom meeting. 

Graham reading to Miles today.  He puts me to shame when it comes to reading children’s stories.  It was magical. 

Big sister carrying Little Brother around on her shoulders. 

We didn’t get out on our walk until 6 tonight.  It was a long day and an even longer week. 

Garin didn’t show up in a single photo today, but he still lives with us!

Taco Friday, with Mexican Rice, Guacamole and Chips.  

Chocolate Pudding for dessert, just like mom used to make. 

Catherine striking a pose. 

Miles folding all my clean rags, each one more perfectly than the other.

My sweet baby boy.

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