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Coronavirus Update - Day 21 and Counting....

Today was a better day, overall, than yesterday.  I had digested the news of last night, that the kids would not be returning to school this year, and was feeling better.  I awoke to a very exciting email.  Catherine’s teacher, Ms. Fleischman, sent me an email at 6:39 this morning, letting me know that she had scored me a package of toilet paper and a package of paper towel at Ralph’s this morning.  Hallelujah!  It’s the small things these days that make you happy, ins’t it?  A few days ago, on one of our zoom calls with her, we got on the subject of “paper goods,” when she told me she may have found the secret to scoring these highly-prized items, at Ralph’s.  I told her to let me know if she did.  When we were speaking yesterday afternoon, I brought the subject up again and she told me that she had in fact, been successful. She offered to get some for us today, which entailed her arriving to the store, before 6 AM, when they open, to be one of the first ones in line and then into the store.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude at her offer to do this for us.  So off she went this morning, no doubt in the pre-dawn blackness, to Ralph’s, to get us, those impossible-to-find essentials. I never thought I’d see the day that you’d have to ask your child’s teacher to buy your toilet paper, but as I keep saying, these are strange times.   I chatted with Jessica this morning, in Texas, from my walk.  Jessica is my dear friend and interior designer, who helped me to turn this home into the beautiful sanctuary that it is.  Now that we are locked in here for the rest of our lives, I am especially appreciative for her creative genius and talent.  Jess shared with me how her family is surviving during this time.  Like my conversation with Gigi yesterday (my dear and old friend of 30 years) and all the conversations I have from my walks in the morning, it is so meaningful to me to have my friends open up about their struggles during this difficult time.  Everyone has different challenges and their own way of handling them.  I am so interested to hear those stories, even when they involve tears.  I feel less alone in my own struggles, when my friends trust me enough to share their struggles with me.  I came home to find a wonderful email from my friend Stephanie, with happy news that she was doing better with her homeschooling and her outlook in general.  I love hearing those uplifting updates.  Next thing I did, after checking in the with kids about our agenda for the day, was to cut my hair.  Yes, you heard that right, I actually cut my own hair.  I have never done that in may life, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Even before this lockdown, I was so overdue for haircut, as were the kids.   I looked in the mirror and decided I couldn’t take it anymore.  I got out my scissors and just cut it.  Now that takes REAL COURAGE.  Forget being a single mother of four kids, surviving the Woolsey fires and the Coronavirus.  Actually having the courage to cut your own hair, separates the truly courageous from the meek.  I think it looks pretty damn great!  I am proud to say that I can add “hairstylist” to my long list of credentials.  Now, I don’t think I am skilled enough (or perhaps not desperate enough), to cut the boys' hair yet, but I will keep you posted, when I work my way up to that. We got through the school day just fine with no major meltdowns or I.T. issues, so that was a win.  I am happy to report that Garin is doing better and better everyday and for that I am so grateful.  After we wrapped up at 4, we headed down to Round Meadow Elementary School, where the twins go, to meet Ms. Fleischman for the handoff (see photo below). It went off without a hitch and by 4:35, we were heading back with our much-coveted paper goods.  We hope your day was okay and if not, that tomorrow is better. Stay safe and stay well!

My first breakfast customer, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed.


Catherine tutoring Miles on his numbers.

Mommy and Miles reading together.

The score of the day (or more likely, of the century!).  I know you’re all jealous!!

Out on our walk.

Visiting with the goats.

Miles and Catherine discussing an interesting find.

Visiting with the horses. 

Allergy Boy after visiting with too many farm animals and walking through too much spring grass, on our walk.  Thank goodness I stocked up on Benadryl before 

Covid 19!

Our healthy (and yummy) dinner - Salmon with Citrus and Mint Essence; Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli; Sautéed Spinach; Israeli Couscous and Brown Rice

Miles' latest still life, taken with Mommy's confiscated iPhone.

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