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Coronavirus Update - Day 18 and Counting....

Monday morning…back to school. As I got up at 7, an hour later than I used to when the kids were in real school, I tried to think of a few things about our new and seemingly not-so-temporary existence, to put in the “pros” column of my list (I keep a lot of lists, as you might imagine).  The first was the time on the clock and the sunshine coming in my window.   I have never been an early morning person, so getting up at 6 every morning, especially when it is pitch black out, has not been one of my favorite aspects of motherhood.  So now that I am able to get up at 7 instead, I am ecstatic.  I also like that I don’t have to rush as much in the mornings, as we did before.  I wouldn’t classify my mornings now as leisurely, by any means, but compared to before, it sort of seems that way.  I get up at 7, get my walking clothes on and make the kids a really nice breakfast everyday, before heading out for my walk.  Today, I had a chance to catch up with my college roommate from Smith, while on my walk.  I called her because I was concerned last night after hearing a report on the news that they may soon be “drafting” all doctors to pitch in,  when this Coronavirus pandemic gets worse, even those that normally work in private practice.  Luckily, she reassured me, it hasn’t come to that yet, but things are ever-changing, on a moment-by-moment basis, as we all know.  It was interesting and enlightening for me to hear her perspective on all of this, as a doctor.  I also wanted to hear how she, her husband and daughter are fairing during all this.  I love hearing everyones’ different coping strategies. Since no one really goes to work anymore, I feel like I am able to catch up with a lot of friends in the morning, that it might have been difficult to catch up with before.  When I arrived back home I was so pleased to see that Garin and Miles were not in their Lulu Lemon wear, once again.  Actually, their “workout outfits” are from Old Navy, so certainly not as stylish as Lulu Lemon.  But they wear them every single day, for crying out loud.  I can’t help but thinking of those moms you see at school that never seem to change out of their workout clothes, ever (sorry, if any of you are reading this right now).  I have been guilty of doing that from time-to-time and I always feel like I am still in my pajamas at 3 in the afternoon.  Anyway, I know these are strange times, but I am still strongly encouraging (perhaps it is closer to insisting) that we get dressed in street clothes everyday around here, including me, so that we don't go down that slippery slope and become Grey Gardens, feeding our cats on our laps, while lounging in bed all day.  Wait a minute, we don’t have cats.  Well, we could get some.  It’s a minor detail. If you are confused by my references, this would be a great time to stream Grey Gardens, a not-to-be-missed cult classic, from one of the many streaming services that you have no doubt subscribed to, while being quarantined in your home.   The kids did a great job on their school work today, although we had some technical difficulties.  We decided to dig out all the headphones we have around the house and try to use those for the virtual meetings and school work, so that we don’t bother each other when we are working.  That didn’t really go so well on the Zoom meetings.  No one seemed to be able to hear Catherine or Graham, nor they anyone else “on” the meeting, including their teachers.  Whoops!  We had to call the I.T. department in for assistance (that would be Garin) and get the expert to fix our problems. He didn’t let us down.  Hopefully we will be in better shape tomorrow, on that front.  I was in the middle of preparing lunch when I got a call from my mom at her assisted living facility.  She hasn’t been feeling well for 4 days (not Covid 19, thank god), but she was in need of medical attention, urgently.  I was in the middle making grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and pizza for my lunch customers, while trying to reassure her, reach her doctor and figure out how we were going to get her there.  I feared for a few minutes I might have to leave the kids here by themselves for the afternoon (which would mean they would have to homeschool themselves - oh dear) and drive her to the doctor myself.  Thankfully, we were able to work it out and get her a ride there from someone at her facility. The rest of the day went fairly smoothly including our requisite afternoon walk and a yummy taco salad for dinner.  Just a few short weeks ago, I never thought we would have any semblance of a routine under these circumstances, but surprisingly, we are settling in to quite a regular one and I am so grateful for that.  It seems to bring the kids a fair amount of calm and peace, which is invaluable.  Stay indoors and stay well! 

Headphones not working...

Headphones working. Why is it they never malfunction for the I.T. guy?

Headphones working, but he was only doing ABC Mouse, so who cares?!

Taking a break from doing absolutely nothing, to catch a few rays in the backyard.  Someone has to have it easy during this pandemic and it may as well be Fitzy. 

Catherine and Graham doing Mrs. Wilson’s virtual art class together. Garin tutoring Miles in the background on his alphabet.

Miles wearing his “reward” from big brother Garin, for doing so well on his letters. 

Miles overseeing the popcorn machine for everyones’ afternoon snack. 

Dressing up the dog in ridiculous accessories is always a crowd pleaser. 

Our evening walk.

Miles climbing the obligatory tree on our walk. 

Miles enjoying his taco salad after a long hard day!

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