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Coronavirus Update - Day 15 and Counting...

Yesterday was one of our better days.  I think we may just be getting into the positive zone of that learning curve (next week will be the test, no doubt).  The kids all kept track of their online meetings as they were supposed to and were able access them relatively easily, which was a huge improvement.  The only meeting we missed was Miles’ first school meeting, an online music class that was to take place at 10:30.  I didn’t realize we missed it until 1:30 in the afternoon.  Whoops!  Hopefully my oversight is not going to affect his preschool GPA. Miles was slated to graduate Summa Cum Laude and to be the class valedictorian, this Spring.  I am going to have to step up my distance-learning game if he is going to retain his status and get in to Harvard in 2033!  In order to combat the boredom with distance learning, Garin has taken up learning a foreign language online.  We were actually sent the link for the website from Miles’ Spanish teacher, Mrs. Evelyn.  Thank you “Mrs. Eleven,” as Miles calls her.  I mentioned the idea to Garin and he lit up like a Christmas tree.  Graham joined in on the Spanish lessons as well, so they are now attempting to speak Spanish to one another around the house.  Luckily I lived in Spain so I am able to offer assistance, unlike with the technological component of this entire experience, which eludes me (more accurately, it frustrates me to the point of rage).  I have also had a chance to speak to various friends on the phone, from my morning walks, to hear how they are coping with all these challenges.  Most seem annoyed as hell at their husbands (not surprising) and their kids (also not surprising).  Some take multiple walks a day to escape; others hide in their garages in the hopes their families will not be able to locate them; and others just take to their beds out of pure frustration, exasperation and exhaustion.   I find that my friends who have families do report much higher levels of frustration than those who live alone. The sample size for my study is still small, but given the thousands of videos that are being posted online of similar experiences, I think I can safely conclude that having a family during this time may keep you from feeling lonely, but it is likely that the irritation and annoyance with said family may undo the positive benefit of their presence.  Family or not, annoyed or not,  those of us who remain healthy are the lucky ones and I try everyday, especially during the difficult moments, to remember that. Stay well and sane!

Okay, so what’s with the shortage of flour?  Can someone explain that?  Has all of America decided to take up amateur baking during the Coronavirus pandemic?  I scored five bags of flour (only 2# each, but still a big windfall) at Target.  The highlight of my day!

Miles outside foraging for critters with his Critter Container.  He managed to find a few Rolley Polley bugs, but had been shooting for a butterfly. He lets them go afterward, so don’t freak out that we harm animals at our house!

The boys constructing Dino-Land.  It’s great to see them working together and using their imaginations. 

Garin, getting ready early for Easter.

 Brothers bonding on our evening walk (they were actually holding hands). 

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