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We had a rather busy Sunday.  I got out for my walk around 9 and was back by 10 for the kid’s first virtual Sunday School Session. They enjoyed spending time with their teacher, Miss Diane and then painting their pictures out in the sun afterward.  That was followed by an hour and a half virtual speech therapy session for Catherine, which was followed by a lovely hour-long virtual Town Hall meeting with our church and fellow parishioners.  I feel like my entire life has become virtual, as I’m sure everyone else feels as well.  For someone who hates technology, this isn’t easy. Without Garin, to set everything and make sure every meeting runs smoothly, I don’t know what I would do. Although I much prefer face-to-face interactions, I am grateful that these virtual options exist now, so at least we can stay connected with one another.  The weather was gorgeous today and we were able to get out and enjoy it.  We had some time in the yard and a lovely walk this evening.  Since we had to go return our final batch of library books that we had checked out 3 weeks ago (sadly, we won’t be able to check out any books for months to come, which is really disappointing for the kids), we decided to give Chef Mommy a break and order a pizza.  That was a huge treat for all of us.  The kids hadn’t had pizza in forever (my mom used to comment that she thought they were going to turn in to pizza they ate so much of it) and I got to opt out of cooking for the first time in a month.  I don’t think that I ever could have imagined a day would come where just taking out a pizza would feel like such a huge treat. This pandemic is certainly putting so many things in perspective. I have to say, that although I have always felt outnumbered, being a single mom of four kids, I do feel really blessed to have four, during this time.  It is wonderful to see them interacting, playing with each other, pairing off and helping one another.  There is also a healthy dose of arguing that goes on, but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I can imagine how difficult it must be for only-children right now as well as their parents.  My hope is that they have another family close by that they can spend time with, so those children don’t feel so isolated and the parents get a break.  It’s hard, as a parent, when you have to be the one to entertain a child all day.  It’s Sunday night, so I did the usual chores to get ready for the school week.  I checked all the emails from the teachers with the lists of work for this week, I printed out all the worksheets, I turned the kitchen table back in to a classroom and I took a deep breath.  The only thing I didn’t do was get the lunchboxes and backpacks ready.  They’ll stay put away, it seems, for a while longer. We hope you had a nice weekend and are staying well. 

Our little monkey climbing the tree. 

Not only does he have a purse-dog ponytail, but now a flower as well.  Things are going downhill quickly!

Dr. Graham making sure the animals are all Covid 19-free!

You can never be too bedazzled for an evening walk 

Look at that determined girl go. 

The horses love Catherine, and she them. 

Chef Mommy actually got her first night off from cooking in a month.  What a treat!

All cuddled up with the Easter Bunny and ready for bed.

Guess who I found knitting and reading in my bed?

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