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Catherine and Graham's Absolutely Smashing, Jolly Good, 10th Birthday Weekend Celebration.

My babies turned ten last weekend. It's almost impossible to comprehend. Where did the time go, is all I can ask.

I remember the hot August day they were born like it was yesterday. They were supposed to come on my birthday (September 9th), but like most twins, arrived both expectedly and unexpectedly early. My hospital bag wasn't packed, I had a swarm of workers at my home in the middle of a remodel, and there was no one home that day to watch Garin. But somehow, in a matter of hours, it all worked out. After all, when you have two babies on the way, you don't have much of a choice but to find a way to make it work out.

I went into labor in the late morning and by the mid-afternoon I was at the hospital, preparing for my C-section. Shelley was supposed to be in the operating room with me but was still out of town on vacation when I went into labor. So, Seana dropped everything, came to pick me up, and whisked me off to the hospital. She joined me in the operating room to witness (and film) the birth of my precious twins. Born by C-section, "Twin A (later to become Graham) and Twin B (later to become Catherine), as they were known, were born just one minute apart. It was one of the most remarkable moments of my life.

I continue to marvel at them. They are both such special people in their own right and so different from each other, a testimony to their strong sense of selves. They look different from each other and have very different personalities. However, the one thing they have in common is that they are both exceptional human beings in every way.

It has been my honor to be their mother for the past ten years. It was a joy and a privilege to celebrate their birthday this weekend. Thankfully Shelley was in town, unlike ten years ago, and could join us for this momentous occasion.

Congratulations to Catherine and Graham!

Catherine wanted an art-themed table and Graham chose a breakfast-themed table. We settled on a British theme, that seemed to make everyone happy.

The stars of the party patiently posed for their requisite birthday portraits. Everyone dressed in red, white, and blue in keeping with our theme.

Shelley and Oliva (Catherine's friend) were our special guests this year. We were thrilled to get Fitzy in the photos too. That's never an easy feat.

Dinner was a steakhouse wedge salad (a family favorite), tri-tip steak and creamy mashed potatoes. Yummy!

The twins chose a carrot cake this year, which was delicious!

On Sunday, the day after their birthday, we went to The Huntington Library and Gardens, for one of the sunset strolls that the gardens hold in the summer evenings. This was our first sunset stroll and we'll definitely be going back. The garden was stunning in the evening.

The birthday boy and girl.

Mommy and daughter portraits by the beautifully blooming crepe myrtle tree, a specialty in August.

Miles was his usual wild self in the gardens, crawling and climbing on everything he wasn't supposed to be on. I wonder when he's going to grow out of the toddler phase.

These trees, with their intricate roots made for a perfect perch to be photographed.

This photo is courtesy of Catherine. I enjoy photographing people and she enjoys photographing nature, although she is talented at photographing everything. We make a good team.

Miles sat still long enough for me to get this photo with Big Brother. A great evening was had by all.


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1 Comment

Happy Birthday Catherine and Graham!!! I love these pictures!!!! Hope we can come visit someday soon! 😀

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