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Three Birthdays in one Weekend? Bring it on!

My sincerest apologies to my children and loyal readers of this blog for an embarrassingly late post on not one, not two, but three Lieblich birthdays. But better late than never I always say.

Birthday posts are always fun to write and create, but also time consuming. Most often I have an excessive number of photos and more content that can reasonably fit in one blog post. As you may have noticed, we make a big deal of birthdays at our house. We make a big deal of all celebrations (big and small) at our house.

This was particularly the case, nearly two weeks ago (I told you I was behind) when we celebrated three birthdays in one weekend. To clarify, the first two were Catherine and Graham's. But in their defense, despite the fact that they are twins, born on the same day, just one minute apart, don't they still have the right to their individual birthdays? I think so. Additionally Miles also celebrated his half birthday, two days later.

The twin's official birthday was August 20th at 4:35 and 4:36, respectively. They turned nine years old this year! Miles turned six and a half on August 22nd. Please read on and join in (belatedly), for our celebration.

Shelley stopped by on Thursday night for an impromptu/surprise (night before) birthday celebration. She brought Sprinkles cupcakes, I whipped up a Mexican feast, including cheese enchiladas, the kids' favorite. It was a great way to start the weekend-long celebration. We discovered that Garin is now a whole head taller than Shelley, who has known and loved him since he was a wee five weeks old.

The twin's choose an I Scream for Ice Cream theme for their party this year. It was perfect for a late summer birthday. As always, we set a place for Granny (right next to Catherine, where she always sat), so she could join our celebration.

Nine years old! The last year in the single digits.

Catherine and Graham happily posed for their requisite birthday portraits. You may be asking if I will still be requesting (more like requiring) these birthday portraits when they are 50? My response is a resounding, Yes!

The crew is hungry and ready for the big birthday dinner feast.

The twins planned their own birthday menu. Graham requested corn chowder soup for a first course. Catherine chose Cesar Salad, loaded baked potatoes and grilled rib eye steaks (medium rare, of course) for the main course. Shirley Temples were the surprise celebratory cocktail.

What else but ice cream cake for dessert.

Everyone was on hand to sing to the twins, not once, not twice, but three times. Garin was the videographer, which in hindsight. wasn't the best choice given that it took three takes to get a passable video. The cake nearly melted by the time we got a video we could use and save for posterity.

Here is Take Three!

I created a birthday. shoe shop for Catherine and Graham to coincide with back-to-school. Doesn't everyone like getting new school shoes? Rather than taking them to the store, I brought the store to them. I surprised them with a shoe shopping trip at home (so Covid compliant and 2021), They each got to choose two pairs they wanted and I was charged with taking all the rejects back to the store.

Present time!

The morning after. Since their birthday was Friday and therefore a school day, we decided to continue the celebration on Saturday. The day started with their favorite overnight cinnamon and brown sugar baked french toast; crispy bacon and a medley of sweet summer strawberries and blueberries.

We headed out in the afternoon to see our first movie in a year and a half! It was so exciting. I chose Free Guy (I thought it was PG, rather than PG 13). Oh well, no one seemed to mind some of the slightly inappropriate content. Beggars can't be choosers when you haven't been allowed int he movies for eighteen months. Being the movie addict that I am, I was in heaven. Between finally being able to return to a real theater and feasting my eyes on gorgeous and hilariously funny Ryan Reynolds for nearly two hours, what more could I ask for? We ended the evening with dinner at the one of the twin's favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen.

Sunday morning, August 22nd, brought Miles' six and a half year birthday. More celebrating!

After breakfast we went to visit my mom and grandma at the cemetery. The kids wanted to fill my mom in our all the latest developments and bring both Granny and Great Granny bunches of sunflowers, my mom's favorite flowers.

Then we headed to Descanso Gardens to see what surprises awaited us there. We found that is was butterfly season, so the gardens had done everything up to showcase these winged works of art.

We ended the weekend with dinner at home and a delicious assortment of chocolate and lemon cupcakes, and yet another round of "Happy Birthday to You." Luckily we only had one take since Garin was recording it.

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