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Big Sur at Last - Undisputedly one of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth.

After leaving San Luis Obispo in the morning, we continued to make our way up the coast via Morro Bay, San Simeon, Big Sur, Carmel and then Monterey. This is the most picturesque part of the drive, at least from my perspective. It was spectacular!

Day three....

Our first stop as we headed out of San Luis Obispo was Morro Bay. Morro Bay is known for the Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic mound at the end of Morro Rock Beach.

We stopped by the taffy store and treated ourselves to 2 pounds of salt water taffy in the most scrumptious variety of flavors. We had such fun sampling the different flavors as we made our way up the coast.

Next stop, San Simeon. Unfortunately the famed Hearst Castle was closed (indefinitely) due to problems with the roads leading to the castle (but surprisingly, not due Covid, for once). Be we had a chance to stop in the town, nonetheless and check out this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Our next stop was the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery, in San Simeon. The kids thoroughly enjoyed seeing the enormous elephant seals taking their sunbathes (and molting, which is what they do at this time of year).

Big Sur! Once you arrive in Big Sur, there is just nothing that compares.

The only problem with Big Sur is being careful to pose your subjects (otherwise known as your children) safely atop the high cliffs which drop off hundreds of feet to the ocean below. This is particularly true for wanderers/adventurers such a Miles.

Catherine requested a mother/daughter portrait in this stunning spot.

The vistas in Big Sur were stunning. I think they provide about 500 places to pull off the road to enjoy the views and I may have stopped at all of them. As an ocean lover and photography buff, it's almost impossible to resist.

We stopped to have lunch at the Pacific Edge Cafe in Big Sur. The fish and chips were really good, but the view was once-in-a-lifetime.

Every turn brought one view more beautiful than the one before it.

Driving this stretch of the coast in particular, made me feel especially appreciative to live in a state with such astounding natural beauty.

The famous Bixby Creek Bridge, also known as Bixby Canyon Bridge, in Big Sur, is one of the most photographed bridges in California due to its aesthetic design, "graceful architecture and magnificent setting".

It was a very long day of driving for the chauffeur (Mom), but worth every minute.

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