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Ask and you Shall Receive. Coronavirus Update - Day 162 and Counting...

A few weeks ago, I put out an email and post on Facebook asking people to send "old school' cards for the twins' birthday, to help make their pandemic birthday a bit more festive. Did they ever get cards!

I went out to the mailbox each day and found a new group of cards, which I stashed away for them. I brought them all out this afternoon and set them on their Happy Potter-decorated birthday table. They were so excited!

After dinner, we opened all the cards, one-by-one and read each one. It was an incredibly touching experience.

As I watched them open the cards and thought about each person who took the time to buy the cards, inscribe them and send them, my heart was overflowing with gratitude and joy.

Although gifts are nice too, I realized how meaningful and sentimental it is to get a handwritten card from someone. I was so touched to see the outpouring of love, thoughtfulness, and generosity for my children.

We can't wait to share more photos and stories in the coming days, from their memorable birthday.

In the meantime, thank you again to everyone who sent cards, texts, emails, and gifts. We are truly touched and so very thankful for your love on this special day.

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