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An Escape to the Cape! The Final Leg of our East Coast Trip.

After nearly two weeks spent in large urban cities, we were excited to escape to the coast and enjoy a quieter beach vibe. Joanne was kind enough to invite us to stay at her home on Cape Cod for the final few days of our trip. Cape Cod has always been one of my favorite spots, so I was excited for the kids to experience it for the first time.

En route to The Cape we made a pitstop in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts to see and experience how our ancestors, the pilgrims, lived 400 years ago.

Day Thirteen....

The Plymouth Plantation was founded in 1947. It attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by the English colonists who became known as the pilgrims. The kids had a great time experiencing how the pilgrims lived and I was pleasantly surprised at how deluxe the accommodations were considering the limited resources at the time.

Miles (our resident animal lover) wearing a replica of a fur worn by the pilgrims, I think his expression bears witness to sympathy he felt for these poor animals who were sacrificed to keep our ancestors warm in the cold New England winters.

Soon after arriving in Chatham, Cape Cod we headed to one of the many breathtaking beaches..

The kids had fun collecting shells as they waded in the water. We noticed that the shells are much more plentiful on the East Coast than on the California beaches.

There's nothing like a long, barefoot walk on the beach at sunset to work up an appetite for dinner.

The beautiful Chatham Lighthouse, across from the beach.

Cape Cod, sharks, Jaws.....I'm just saying. Where is Captain Brody when you need him?

A quintessential Cape Cod vista - fishing boats docked at sunset with the evening light reflecting off the water.

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