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An Easter Hangover and Toilets Tales. Coronavirus Update - 32 Days and Counting.....

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The only thing I don't like about holidays, other than being stressed out the entire day over how much I have to do, is having to clean up the day after, The decorations are all so fun to put out, but I really dislike putting them away. That was how our day started, today. Once we finished that unpleasant task, we took on one that was far more unpleasant. Think of your least favorite household job and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. That's right, cleaning toilets. Is there anything worse? We had cleaned most of the house, over the past three to four days (See my blog post from April 3rd: ). However, I just couldn't face the toilets. Since being home, the kids have been helping me with a lot of the cleaning. God bless them! They have always helped me with all the other chores, except the cleaning, which I handled myself. When I mentioned the toilets today, they actually offered to help. Can you imagine my shock? Of course I quickly took them up on their offer, before they realized what they had agreed to and changed their minds. I gathered up the needed supplies and off we went to clean. Graham and I tackled the potties (Garin helped a bit too), while Catherine cleaned all the sinks and countertops. It was amazing how much faster it went and how less unpleasant it was, just by having their company. Oddly enough, they were actually intrigued by the entire toilet-cleaning process. Go figure. I think they learned a valuable lesson from it. For me, it has always been important for my kids to pitch in and help. I think it is invaluable that they see what it really takes to run a house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, straightening up, etc.). When they do, I have observed that they make more of an effort to keep things clean and also appreciate the huge amount of responsibility that moms (and dads) really shoulder. It is also a valuable lesson to know that not everything in life is fun, as we are all witnessing right now, I have a feeling that a lot of kids think that a magic fairy comes down and cleans toilets, if they think about it at all. After today, my kids now know better. This evening, when I asked Graham if he would be willing to clean toilets again with me he said, "Sure, but not as a family fun activity." I'll take that!

I came home from my walk to find Graham dressed like this, just to be quarantined in the house all day. God I love that boy!

Miles' contribution to cleaning up the Easter eggs, which was moderately helpful, at best.

Catherine and Graham, wearing the bunny glasses one more time before they were packed away for next year.

Conquering the toilets.

Lady Catherine had it covered on the sinks and countertops.

Graham, bringing two escaped bunnies on our evening walk.

It looks like Garin had some escaped bunnies in his pocket as well.

A gorgeous cloudy evening.

One of the beautiful roses we saw on our walk.

The requisite nightly tree climb.

Still in his bowtie.

Whoops! It looks like Miles' decided to snack on a wild mushroom from the garden when we got home from our walk. He went on to eat his entire dinner and looks to be fine.

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