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An Al Fresco Dinner and Sunset Stroll in Malibu.

Today we got a late start to the day. We tried to coordinate a day trip this morning, but no one seemed to agree on a destination, so I eventually gave up in frustration. We stayed home for most of the day, never quite pulling together a cohesive plan for the day. We've all had those days. But finally, around 3:30, my cabin fever became so extreme that I had to come up with an escape plan. I told everyone to grab a jacket, put on their flip flops and get in the car (ASAP). Then off we headed, over the hill, on a short drive to Malibu. As soon as I caught sight of the water my mood improved markedly. In a short 20 minutes we had arrived at Malibu Seafood and everyone seemed more chipper with the change of scenery. Even the long (socially distanced) line couldn't dampen our spirits. After our early dinner at our outdoor table with the perfect vista of the breathtaking Pacific ocean, we headed to the beach for a stroll and to enjoy the sunset. The best part of the evening was that Fitzy was able to join us, which is a rarity. It felt so special to have him with us on our little evening escape from of the house.

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