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Algarve Beach Connoisseurs. It's a Tough job, but Someone has to do it. It may as Well be us!

With the weather finally improving in the Algarve, we spent our last three days pursuing the best beaches we could find. However, that turned out to be a challenge, because there were too many perfect beaches to chose from, we came to find out.

The same went for dinner establishments. When there are fabulous restaurants to choose from , one after another, no matter which direction you walk in, it's tough to make a choice. But chose we had to and we chose well.

As I said, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

We visited this stunning beach, Praia do Camilo, on the first of the three days. The photo ops were so plentiful, that I drove the kids crazy asking them to pose. I just couldn't help myself. The only downside of this beach was that it was very small and popular, and therefore quite crowded. But the views were so stunning that they served an adequate distraction from all the bodies everywhere. Besides, crowds equal great people watching, which isn't such a bad way to spend the day. There is nothing more fascinating than people watching on a European beach, after all. Check out this beach:

The water was a bit frigid in the Algarve (at this time of year, I presume), but that didn't stop Miles (nor the other kids) from enjoying the ocean.

Who needs sand toys when you can move boulders?

After the beach, we headed to a very old town, about 30 minutes away from Lagos, to see the Castillo de Silves. Built on top of a hill, the Silves Castle is of Roman origin, but it was the Arabs who built the magnificent castle, between the 8th and 13th centuries, that is there today.

The following day, we visited Praia Santa de Eulália, near Albufeira, recommended by my cousin, Angela. This beach was different from the one the day before (much larger and more expansive), but equally stunning and enjoyable. Great for long beach walks!

On the last day, we wanted to stay closer to home, so we returned to Praia de Porto Mos, in Lagos. My favorite part of that day was a walk that Catherine and I took together, collecting sea shells as we went along.

We had three great dinners out in Lagos, our last three nights there. After a long day at the beach and a nice hot shower, there is nothing like a great dinner out. One night we dined at an Argentinian steak house, the next night we had ribs (who knew that they made to-die-for ribs in Portugal) and the final night we dined a more traditional restaurant. All were delicious! We ended each evening by visiting our favorite gelato store and trying a new flavor.

After an incredible week in the Algarve, we headed to Porto today, in the north of Portugal. Stay tuned for more travel adventures with us!

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