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A Speed Boat Trip Through Ocean Grottos, pet Crabs and a Beach to end all Beaches. Lagos Perfection!

I awoke (early) to this stunning sunrise view out of our apartment window.

Back to Padaria Central for our favorite morning pastries.

Look at that selection! Come on, how can you choose? After making some very difficult choices, we brought them back and had them at our breakfast table. Miles thoroughly enjoyed his croissant.

After breakfast, we headed to the Marina for our speedboat tour of the grottos in Lagos.

This was such a fun activity and a great way to see these incredible natural wonders. The kids had never been in a boat, so this was really a special treat.

Check out our videos to get a better view of all the fun we had:

After our boat ride, it was time for lunch. Our "skipper" recommended this delicious restaurant, Campimar, at the Praia de Porto Mós. The restaurant was right on the beach with the most glorious ocean view.

After lunch, we headed to Praia de Porto Mós (beach), also recommended by our boat skipper, as a fabulous beach (and one of his favorites) in Lagos. And it was!

Check out this website for more photos of this spectacular beach:

The highlight of the day was certainly the crabs. The kids found these two crabs on the beach and decided to adopt them for the day. They named them "Uncle Crabby" and "Lil' Crabby." I didn't now that crabs could be so congenial? They make a huge habitat for the crabs and filled it with seawater, seaweed and all kinds of other goodies. They walked around with the crabs, pet the crabs and even asked if they could bring them home with us (Not today kids). But I have to admit, I grew quite fond of the crabs as well and felt a tug of temptation.

After a long day out (we didn't leave the beach until 8 as we were so enthralled with the crabs), we had one of our light European dinners at home. As always, it really hit the spot.

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