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A Pandemic Dress-up Day. It's not Just for Kids! Coronavirus Update - Day 106 and Counting...

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

In yesterday's post, I reported the wonderful outcome of my putting on a pretty dress for the day. Not only did I feel better, but Miles announced that I was the most beautiful mom in the world. You've gotta love that! So I decided to take it up a notch today.

Rather than a casual dress, I decided to wear a dress that I might wear to meet a friend for lunch or to go to church on Sunday. I wanted to see how that would make me feel. I asked Catherine to do the same.

I highly recommend it! Even though I wasn't actually going anywhere fancy or special, I felt like I was and that put me in a great mood. I felt like my old self, the one that used to go places and have a life, before being locked away in my house. It was unexpected and wonderful.

So often, during this pandemic, I have wandered into my closet or the kids' closets and looked sadly at all the unworn clothes hanging on the rack. For someone who likes to look pretty and also dress up her kids, this has been a bitter pill to swallow.

I know my clothes will still fit once we get a vaccine for this virus and are allowed to resume our old lives, but by then, I worry that many things I bought for the children will no longer fit. Since Catherine has no one to pass her clothes along too, it bothers me the most. Recently, I asked her to start wearing her "church dresses" at home. She does and I really enjoy seeing her in them. She seems to enjoy wearing them as well.

I like this Pandemic Dress up thing. Given how terrific I feel today, I think I might just be doing this more often!

Photos by Graham and Miles Lieblich!

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