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A Once in a Lifetime Event we are Sure to Never Forget!

On Friday, May 13, we had the once in lifetime opportunity of seeing Paul McCartney in concert. When Miles awoke that morning the first thing he said was, "We are seeing Paul tonight, Mommy. It's like my greatest dream is coming true. This is going to be the best day of my life!" I couldn't have said it any better, Miles.

Later that evening, we set off to the magnificent Sofi Stadium to see Paul McCartney, our rock n' roll idol, perform and he did not disappoint.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that have our own brand of Beatlemania going on at the Lieblich house. Paul would be hard-pressed to find any bigger fans than the Lieblich Family. And it's not just Paul, we love and appreciate all The Beatles equally. If we're not listening to the The Beatles Channel, on Sirius XM, (which is nearly every waking moment), we're discussing The Beatles. We take the whole business quite seriously. We have huge photo portraits of The Beatles hanging in our family room. Graham is now onto his learning his fifth Beatles song on the piano and Garin played a least five or six in his days of playing as well. I, on the other hand just know every word to every single song and sing along whenever possible. We watched Peter Jackson's documentary on The Beatles, Get Back, over Christmas and are looking forward to watching it again this summer. Miles even has a Beatles haircut, or at least he aspires to. We are devotees, to say the least.

When I learned that Paul was coming to play in LA, I knew we couldn't miss him. He will be 80 years old in June (although watching him on stage, you wouldn't guess he's a day over 60), so I recognized how important it was to seize the moment. I wanted my children to be able to tell their own children and grandchildren that they their mom had taken them to see one of the Beatles perform, in person. Now that will be one cool story someday.

We bought our tickets for the show three months in advance.

We had never been to the new Sofi Stadium prior to this concert. Negotiating the traffic and parking was a bit stressful, to say the least, but once we parked and started walking toward the stadium, all the stress melted away and we could feel ourselves filling with excitement as we grew closer to the venue.

Sofi stadium was even more impressive than we could have imagined. "SoFi Stadium is an unprecedented and unparalleled sports and entertainment destination built in Inglewood, CA, by Los Angeles Rams Owner/Chairman E. Stanley Kroenke. The first indoor-outdoor stadium to be constructed, SoFi Stadium is the home of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams." Click here to read more about this architectural wonder:

Although our seats were quite high in the stadium (some might call them nosebleeds), the stadium is designed in such a way for everyone to enjoy the event, despite which seat category you can afford (admittedly, being on the floor of the stadium would have made our dream come true that much sweeter). We took in the beautiful sunset as we awaited Paul's arrival.

Lights down at last and were ready for the big event.

The concert was intoxicating. Paul was absolutely splendid (and quite funny too). He told wonderful stories about The Beatles that were as riveting to listen to as his music. His deep caring for the audience was evident throughout the concert as he kept checking in to make sure that all 80,000 of us (give or take) were having fun. Yes Paul, we're having the time of our lives!

Paul played all of our favorites, including Let it Be, a sacred song in our family. Our hearts were warmed to see that Let it Be seemed to be the most popular song amongst the audience (Paul gauged that by how many cell phone lights were illuminated during each song, he said.) While he performed Let it Be, the stadium appeared like a clear night sky with a million stars shining. Given the song's association with my mother, it was a truly extraordinary and touching moment.

Garin and Miles wore their Beatles shirts to the event. Had I had the foresight, I would have bought the rest of us tee shirts to wear as well. Next time......

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