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A Much-Needed Spring Break Day Away in Santa Barbara.

We rented one of those bike contraptions to take a joyride on the boardwalk near the water. It was a beautiful day! The only problem was that the occupants in the rear of the "bike" (namely Catherine and Graham) didn't pedal quite as much as they had promised to, so consequently Garin and I got a lot more of a work out in the front than we had bargained for. There were some raised voices involved at moments, so that might be the last time we rent one of those for awhile.

Miles of course, sat in the basket in the front and just enjoyed himself. He didn't even feign concern for how much manpower we were expending to try to move this beast of a bike along.

Next stop was a visit to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The purpose of the garden is to display California native plants in natural settings. It was a real treat, especially with the California poppies in full bloom.

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