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A Day of Cookies and Roses. Coronavirus Update - Day 138 and Counting....

Falling in Love, Tournament of Roses, Queen Elizabeth, Falling in love (again), Harlow Carr and Moonstone, Our roses are thriving and bringing us untold joy.

Miles playing "Search for the Letter" and working on his penmanship in preparation for Distance Learning this fall.

Miles with his latest Magna-tile creation for his stuffed animal, "Stuffy Castle."

Catherine using our new floating basketball hoop that we received as a surprise from a dear friend this weekend, as an inner-tube.

Miles wanted to make this special "demolition" video for the blog. He hopes you enjoy it.

Miles vacuuming my couch for me (he so graciously volunteered) and vacuuming his hair at the same time. It's definitely a look.

Catherine and Graham baking Amish Sugar Cookies together.

The cookies turned out perfectly. Photographed here with our Harlow Carr roses.

This is Catherine's favorite shot.

And this is Graham's.

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