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A 70's Music Countdown Leads to a Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane. CV Update - Day 114 and Counting

As we always do on holiday weekends, we tuned in today to one of the many countdowns on Sirius XM for the holiday weekend. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we listened to the various countdowns on the Beatles' Channel, the limited time Led Zeppelin Channel, and The 80's channel. Of course, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin were awesome. The '80s was hit or miss, reflective of that musical era. But it brought back a lot of fun memories of high school and college. 

I heard an ad this morning that the 70's Channel was having a countdown of the top 700 songs of the '70s. I didn't know there were 700 good songs from the '70s. As it turns out, there are not. 

Garin and I were working away again, at his suggestion, on the photo project this morning when the countdown started. Some of the songs were so obscure that I don't think I have heard them since the 1970s. There were some real doozies in the countdown. One that comes to mind is Midnight at the Oasis (Put Your Camel to Bed) by Maria Muldaur. I assumed that was a one-hit-wonder for poor Maria, but was shocked to find out that the song was nominated for a Grammy for Best Song of the Year as well as the entire album for Best Album of the Year. What? Are you kidding me? 

Now granted we stayed up in the 700 to 500 range today, so these were not the best of the '70s, but still. Some of the peculiar and obscure ones I heard were You Better Shop Around and Muskrat Love by Captain and Tenille, Just When I Needed you Most by Randy Vanwarmer, The Rapper by Jaggerz (now seen as visionary piece according to the DJ Jay Beau Jones given it was written and recorded 50 years ago), I Beg Your Pardon I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, My Maria by B.W. Stevenson, Lady Marmalade by LaBelle, When You're Hot, You're Hot by Jerry Reed, In The Navy by the Village People, A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy/Big Apple Band, Oh girl by the Chi-LitesGive me Just a Little More Time by Chairman of the Board. Paul Anka's, She's Having My Baby ranked in the 600's. Have you listened to that song lately? The lyrics are so outdated and inappropriate I don't know how it's allowed on the airwaves.

Of course, there were some great songs as well by Jackson Browne, The Rolling Stones Elton John and so many great artists. No doubt there will be even more of those are we creep down the countdown. 

What surprised me was that Angie by the Rolling Stones and Fame by David Bowie only ranked in the mid-to-high 600's, with so many other odd (and frankly, annoying songs) outranking them. I found myself yelling at the Sonos speakers, the way you yell at the TV when your team is losing at the Superbowl. What is wrong with these Sirius XM listeners who voted for these songs?  Then, Jay Beau Jones (isn't that a perfect name for a 70's channel DJ) clarified it with the tag-line for the countdown, "It must be someone’s favorite song".  I can't imagine whose? Not anyone I know!

As the kids' did their various projects throughout the day and I cleaned the house, I couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane listening to these songs, hokey or not. I was swept up in the songs noticing how different the music in the '70s was. The lyrics; the instruments; and the overall feeling and style are in such contrast to the music we hear now. 

I was getting so nostalgic that I decided to pull out my photo album from the 1970s and look at some photos. The kids joined me and we had a good laugh.

It was a retro day. What can I say?

The photos below are from the first half of the decade. The fashions, the hair, the music (albeit hokey sometimes), and the entire vibe of the 1970s are just priceless. 

Our 1970's European vacation to visit my dad's family. I was only 6 and remember wishing I was at Disneyland instead.

A family trip to The LA Zoo. I don't see anyone dressed like that at the zoo anymore, do you?

A roller skating trip to Lacy Park in San Marino. Note the 70's butterfly patch affixed to my 70's jumpsuit.

A fun day at Laguna Beach, where we had a summer home. We loved burying each other in the sand. It looks a bit claustrophobic now.

An evening cuddle with Mom.

When Maxi Dresses were in fashion the first time around! Was I on my way to an audition for Little House on the Praire?

My sister and I in matching patchwork polka dot smock tops - another fashion staple in the 1970's.

Feeding some birds somewhere.

Mom and I dressed up in our 70's best and going somewhere special.

Laguna Beach. Look at the necklace I was sporting.

A flapper costume that my mom made me for Halloween (she sewed all our costumes).

Our elaborately planned Barbie wedding, with both Mod-Hair and Sun-Tan Ken. It doesn't get any more 70's than that!

We played restaurant a lot and this was our list of rules. Quite amusing.

Glamorous 70's Mom heading to a party.

Dad. How is that for a quintessential 70's man outfit?

Our beloved Beagle, Gretchen. I like the sign and the elaborate photo-styling with the potted plants.

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