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Winter Holiday Break. Day 7 and Counting. Christmas Eve at The Lieblich House!

It was a long day, but a nice day. Hard as I try to keep on schedule and not let things overwhelm me on holidays, they usually do. Like everyone else, I perpetually underestimate how much there is to do and how long it will take. I am notoriously organized and yet even I am vulnerable to spiraling into a state of overwhelm.

The barometer for me on how behind I am is what time I finally get in the shower. Today it wasn't until 4. That's not a good sign. Nonetheless, I managed to pull it all off and with the exception of a few mini meltdowns sprinkled in, I think I did pretty well.

I think the highlight of the day for me was when we spent some time after dinner remembering those we miss (mostly Granny); remembering those who have also lost ones, as we have; and for those not as fortunate as us to have a warm and beautifully decorated home or a family to be with at Christmas. It is so easy to get caught up in the preparation and business of the day and forget how incredibly fortunate we are to have what we have. I, for one, am guilty of getting busy and in doing so sometimes neglecting to count my numerous blessings. When I start to go down the list, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at how very blessed and fortunate I am.

Merry Christmas and more to come on Christmas Day!

Breakfast is served!

Fitzy dressed up in his Christmas PJs for the day. Everyone seemed to want to pose with the celebrity of the day.

The gang started in by helping me with dinner prep early on. Garin made the fresh herb and garlic paste for the roast. Catherine and Miles helped prepped the veggies.

We even managed to fit in a few family games throughout the day which was (mostly) fun. Since Garin ALWAYS wins, we decided to ban together in our game of Sapphiro against him with our only goal being to beat him. We succeeded, barely. Four to one, that's how good he is!

The many faces of Miles. He is a constant source of entertainment.

My Christmas Beauty.

The gang posing nicely for Mommy in front of the fire. Thank you!

Garin and Catherine feeding Fitzy one of his special Christmas cookies we bought him at the doggy store.

Please watch Graham's Christmas concert featuring Deck the Halls by clicking the link below:

The presents all wrapped and ready to be opened tomorrow.

Catherine and Miles making the mashed potatoes.

Dinner is served: Wedge salad; ribeye roast cooked to a perfect medium rare and serve with jus and creamed horseradish; mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts; and green beans almondine.

The table is set and the hungry customers are ready for what turned out to be a European (very late) dinner.

Dessert: Apple pie, beautifully decorated cake balls courtesy of the Mantooth family (thank you!), and pumpkin pie.

The kids eagerly watching the Google Santa Tracker.

All ready for Santa, around midnight!

In closing, these were my favorite comments of the day:

Jana: "I feel like I'm losing my mind" (around 3:45 when I was juggling 50 balls in the air and still hadn't had my daily shower).

Miles (in response): "How do you lose your mind Mommy. Does your brain fall out of your head and then you can't find it?"

Jana: "Pretty much, Miles."

Graham (at dinner): "I wonder what The Queen is having for dinner tonight?"

Graham (at one point when his siblings were screaming like a bunch of banshees): "Sometimes I wish you were all mutes!"

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