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What a Difference a Day Makes. Happy Memorial Day! Coronavirus Update - Day 75 and Counting....

Yesterday was a challenging day, to say the least. Today was the opposite. We had a lovely day of cooking, swimming, and a minimal amount of whining and bickering. I set the record straight from the first hint of bickering I heard this morning. "Mommy's nerves are shot! " I implored them when the arguing started early this morning. I realize that is such a 1950's expression, but who cares? As long as you get your point across does it matter what era you call upon to do so? Between my firm tone and the look on my face they got it quickly and we were fairly bicker-free for most of the day.

We woke up to the final 50 of the top 1000 rock and roll songs of all time, finishing up from yesterday. Listening to the great music and trying to venture a guess at what might come next, made for a fun-filled morning. We started cooking early, preparing dishes for our festive dinner. In the afternoon, we switched over to The Beatles Channel and listened to Peter Asher's countdown of the top 100 Beatles songs, which he does every Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. He is a charming British chap with wonderful stories about The Beatles and it has become a tradition for us to listen to him on these long summery holiday weekends. The house and backyard were filled with Beatles music and overflowing with joy.

Garin, Catherine, and Miles took to the pool this afternoon, while Graham helped me edit photos for my blog. We always enjoy our time together and he is so helpful.

Dinner was enjoyed early tonight, on the patio. It was the most beautiful warm and summer-like evening. The kids even had a chance to go swimming again after dinner and stayed in the pool until close to 8, which was a real treat.

Most of our day is laid out in the abundance of photos below, which I enjoyed shooting. Sometimes being quarantined isn't so bad after all.

The troops are dressed and ready for the holiday, obligingly posing for their holiday portrait to make Mommy happy.

Thank you Auntie Lucy for the adorable matching outfits for the kids. They looked adorable and festive.

Our own private Memorial Day parade, staying safe during COVID - 19

Miles and Graham proudly waving the flag together.

Miles waving the flag, at least 5 times his size.

One more pose to make Mommy happy.

Miles building a train track with Fitzy chilling in the background,

Garin reading our recipes and getting all the ingredients out and ready.

Garin and Catherine preparing the graham cracker crust for the pie.

Graham helping me finish the potato salad.

Graham stirring the custard for the pie.

The kids spotted a golden lizard near the pool.

The golden lizard.

Our resident Dr. Doolittle, Miles, taking to the lizard right away.

Dr. Doolittle let the lizard crawl all over him, including in his hair. That lizard would not be crawling in Mommy's hair under any circumstances.

The kids taking Fitzy in the pool to cool off.

Miles and Graham sampling the homemade whipped cream for the pie.

Graham's impeccably set table.

Watch out Martha Stewart!

Herb-Butter Stuffed Burgers. Mouthwatering!

Classic Old-Fashioned Potato Salad. Labor-intensive, but so worth it.

Sweet, juicy and deliciously cold mini watermelon slices.

All put together and ready to serve on Graham's gorgeously decorated table.

The troops enjoying their Memorial Day feast, with Fitzy looking on hoping for a hand-out.

Banana Cream Pie. Recipe compliments of Bon Appetit magazine. Divine!

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