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Surviving Another Day of Quarantine

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Here was our day, in photos

We hope you’re day was okay too...

Heading out on our morning walk.

Stopping to enjoy the view.

Visiting with one of our equine neighbors.

 Catherine and Miles pitching in to get dinner ready. 

Graham, aka “Better than any paid handyman you’ll ever hire,” setting up some automatic light timers 

Dinner: Roasted chicken with thyme infused gravy; mashed potatoes; parmesan and panko-crusted roasted cauliflower; roasted carrots;  herb biscuits. 

A picture-perfect roasted chicken, if I may say so myself.

Fitzy doing his part to help by pre-cleaning the dishes.

Tuning in, over dinner, to our first virtual church service led by Father Gabri at St. Martins, our beloved church. 

 The school janitor (who is also the teacher and the cook at the school cafeteria), getting the classroom sparkling clean for the morning school day tomorrow. 

Sweet Miles bringing Mommy a nutritious bedtime snack before he heads to bed.

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