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Super Bowl LV!

We look forward to Super Bowl every year. Like everyone else, we love the food and the great commercials on TV. However, we really enjoy the game as well. That is until the end, when Garin invariably starts crying for whomever the losing team is. It's sweet that he doesn't want to see anyone lose, but we're hoping that he grows out of this overblown empathy phase (at least when it comes to sports playoff games) soon.

Please enjoy the highlights of our day, below.

A must-see pre-game show, The Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl,

A little campy, but pretty adorable, especially for the pint-sized fans watching.

Catherine rooting for her team, the Courageous Cougars, at The Kitten Bowl.

Graham settling in to enjoy the Kitten Bowl as well.

After the Kitten Bowl was over and the Super Bowl began, he lost interest in the first five minutes of the game and went back to his favorite activity, reading.

Miles too was only interested in the commercials and took to building during the game to keep himself occupied. When he got bored of that he started jumping off all the furniture, which was not a highlight of our Super Bowl experience.

Garin and Fitzy settling in as the game started. Garin decided to root for Kansas City because he didn't like the flag on the side of the Buccaneers helmet. Interesting reasoning. He soon realized his logic was not going to pay off.

Catherine and I are Tom Brady groupies, for obvious reasons (he's hot)! We root for any team he is playing on. Not necessarily any more logical than Garin's reasoning, but in our case, it always pays off. Tom never disappoints.

Appetizer: Jana's proprietary Seven Layer Mexican Dip featured in The Los Angeles Times. It was a crowd pleaser and gobbled up by my famished fans.

An All-American Super Bowl dinner of Hot Dogs and Onion Rings. Delicious!

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