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Rough Seas Make for a Calm Day.

On our second day in Dingle, we were scheduled to take a (very small) ferry to the Great Blasket Islands. We were really excited for this particular adventure, as it was to be a true adventure. The Great Blasket is the principal island of the Blaskets, County Kerry. It was home to a small fishing community of Irish speakers until the island was abandoned in 1954 when living there became unsustainable. To learn more about this remote destination use this link:

We were supposed to take a small ferry, part of the way, followed by the equivalent of a lifeboat to get onto the island, with its small landing dock. Unfortunately, our trip was canceled at the last minute due to rough seas. Disappointed, and frankly, a bit lost without our customary planned itinerary for the day, we had to regroup.

We had the Great Blasket in our sights for much of the day, which was a sad reminder of an adventure we might never have, but we still had a nice day. Instead of the rushed schedule that we usually have, trying to keep up with all the scheduled activities and driving, we had a more leisurely pace, which was a refreshing change.

Our morning started with a delicious breakfast at the Greenmount House. The view from the breakfast room in the morning, of Dingle Bay, was stunning. We all ordered the lemon French toast served with fresh whipped cream.

Our first stop of the day was the Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium. Not quite the world-class aquariums that we are used to visiting such as the ones in Monterey, Long Beach ,or Lisbon, but still very sweet and fun. It was small, manageable, and a nice way to spend a few hours. To learn more about the aquarium use this link:

After a light picnic lunch, we headed back to the scenic Slea Head Loop Drive that we had done the day before to go on a walk/hike, recommended by hour host Gary, at the B and B. Our destination was Clogher Strand, which is "one of the most beautiful beaches on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. With its pristine white sand, its green grassy expanses located a little higher up, and its steep coastline all around, this beach gives the impression of being alone in the World, away from any civilization!" To learn more about Clogher Strand and see some fabulous photos use this link:

When arrived back home to the Greenmount House, Catherine and Graham set up a traditional afternoon tea time in our room.

For dinner, we headed to a local restaurant/pub within walking distance of the B and B, followed by gelato.

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