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Mommy Self-Care, The New York Times, and a New Deal! Coronavirus Update - Day 88 and Counting...

Today was a day of self-care for Mommy in the form of The New York Times (Sunday edition). There are few things I can think of that make me happier than spending Sunday with my favorite paper. 

I stayed up late last night watching the latest episode of Defending Jacob, on Apple TV. By the time I was done with my blog and social media "ads" it was close to 11:30. Nonetheless, I was determined that I was going to watch a show. I am lucky if I can squeeze in a few hours of TV a week. So the lights didn't go out until close to 12:45. It was worth it!

When I got up this morning I made the kids another one of their breakfast favorites. The menu selection was intentional because I knew I needed to butter them up so that I could spend the day taking care of myself in the form of The New York Times. This is my first week of delivery again, in many years, and therefore my first Sunday edition. I was beyond excited.  

Normally the only time I get The New York Times (Sunday edition) is when we go on a trip, which is far less frequent than I would like. I see it at the hotel and then warn the kids that I won't be speaking to them for the day. Since there is always a pool nearby to keep them busy, they never begrudge me. Today would be the first time I would make such a request while we were at home.  

So I after I bribed them with a delicious breakfast, I explained to them how I would be spending most of the day. They seemed to take the news pretty well, which was a relief. I then headed out to the driveway, picked up my paper, and started my reading retreat.   

I got through about a third of the paper before lunch, including multiple crossword puzzles. Aside from Garin's meltdown about having to do countless make-up science assignments today and a few spats that broke out amongst siblings, I may as well have gone on a vacation. 

Lunchtime rolled around and again, I buttered them up with a new lunch idea I thought yesterday when I was at Ralph's doing my grocery shopping. I was getting so bored with the usual hum-drum lunches that I needed to think of something new, more so for my edification. It wasn't anything gourmet, but I knew they would be over-the-moon with my idea, which they were. 

In the afternoon, we headed outside. It was 75 and breezy, my happy weather. I brought the paper with me, parked myself in a comfy chair, under an umbrella, and spent the remainder of the afternoon pouring through the paper while the kids swam, played, and did science homework (Garin). 

Around 6, we headed out for a pre-dinner walk with Fitzy. The sun was at the perfect angle, there was a gentle breeze and everyone was content.

After dinner, I headed upstairs and locked myself in my room to start my blog. I left a list of jobs downstairs for everyone to finish. There was only a minimal amount of arguing which I managed by my opening the door and yelling possible solutions, over the banister, to the problems I heard cropping up. All the jobs got done so I was very happy. 

I made it clear to the kids this weekend, in no uncertain terms, that we need to make some changes if Mommy is going to make it to the finish line of this COVID-19 marathon. First, they are going to have to pick up after themselves more frequently to keep the house neater (for my general sanity) and keep on top of their household jobs more consistently. I cannot make it without their steadfast help and support. I think they finally see that. Second, Mommy needs more time to herself to take care of herself, even if it just means some quiet time or letting me eat my lunch without someone on my lap. They seemed to genuinely understand both requests. It's only the second day our New Deal, but I am optimistic that between my insistence and they're genuinely empathetic natures, we will make this a success, together. 

Strawberry and Whipped Cream-Topped Pancakes.

I made some decent progress this morning on the crossword puzzles. I am going to try to finish them before I go to sleep.

Graham and Miles' Animal Village built of Magna-tiles.

Graham went out to the garden, picked these roses, put them in a beautiful vase and brought them to me. He never disappoints.

Graham, who is in charge of feeding Fitzy, made this beautifully presented lunch, of pineapple and strawberry caps for him today. Two of Fitzy's favorites.

Pizza Bagels for lunch. The crowd went wild!

The New York Times, poolside. It doesn't get any better!

Graham enjoying his time in the pool.

Miles warming up in the sun after some fun pool time.

The kids enjoyed homemade watermelon sorbet after their swim.

Catherine reading next to me.

Garin, rather begrudgingly, working on his science assignments.

Fitzy getting coiffed.

Obviously a bit overdue, given the volume of fur that came off.

Catherine with a impressive Fitzy fur-ball.

Grahan's beloved Slothy-Slothy joined us on our evening walk.

The entire gang enjoying the perfect Spring evening.

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