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Miles' Real First Day Kindergarten!

We have had a run of happy moments in the past few weeks, and today was yet another to add to the growing list. Twenty-twenty has been painfully short on happy moments, so to say we are grateful is an understatement. Miles started his first day of in-person kindergarten today. He was so excited! I was equally overjoyed.  

His day, only a mere two and a half hours long (about half what a normal day would be) was visibly absent of many of the first day of kindergarten traditions, such as lingering goodbyes between teary-eyed parents and children on the yard, big warm hugs from new teachers, group shots with fellow kinder classmates and so much more. But I don't think any of us cared. After seven weeks of homeschooling (some) not-so-cooperative kindergarteners (I speak for Miles and myself only of course), it was good to push them out of the nest (or the lockdown house, in this case) into the real world. Well maybe not exaclty the real world, but the pandemic real world.

Miles was an absolute champ! Catherine and I dropped him off, and off he went. He never hesitated, shed a tear, or even turned around for one last glance as he headed toward his classroom alone (he was eventually met by. aids along the way, who guided him in the right direction). Since parents were not allowed on the campus, the kids had to muster a lot of independence. Of course, I watched until he disappeared out of sight, thinking he might turn around for a last glance or a wave, but no. 

Then again, this is Fearless Miles we are talking about. The same Miles who wanders off at the first opportunity to parts unknown. The same Miles who climbs 10 feet up into a tree without an ounce of hesitation. The same Miles who is amused when he comes upon a tarantula in his "store," which is actually a fairly wild and vast amount of land belonging to my neighbor next door that he sneaks off to when no one is watching. The same Miles who is amused at the sight of a rattlesnake in our yard and even after seeing one up close, refuses to wear shoes as he continues to traverse the steep slopes behind our home, where more of these slithery creatures surely await. So why would I think that boy would tear up or turn around for one last glance before crossing the threshold to this new chapter in his life? Wishful thinking from a wistful mother, maybe?

Yet another once-in-a lifetime moment that I wanted to share with my mom. But she was watching from above, I have no doubt. She would never miss her last born grandchild's first day of kindergarten!

Miles all packed up and ready to head off for his first day of in-person kindergarten.

He wanted to hold up the age-old tradition of bringing an apple to your teacher, so an apple it was for Mrs. Saylors.

Masked-up, at school, and ready for a new adventure.

This is how is a 2020 Covid-friendly kindergarten classroom looks. It is certainly not what my other kids rooms looked like, with shared tables for multiple little ones to sit at and a huge area rug for cozying up together for story.-time, but it sure is adorable. They are the "Owls," so Mrs. Saylors and some very dedicated kindergarten moms worked hard to make the room look special for the newly arriving academias, despite all the Covid restrictions. Thank you to Runya, our incredible room mom, for sharing these photos.

Catherine doing her best Barbara Walters impression, interviewing Miles to find out how his day went. Splendidly, apparently.

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