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It's Tuesday? It's Tuesday! Coronavirus Update - Day 76 and Counting

The first day back from a long holiday weekend, quarantine or not, is always challenging. When the kids were in school, it was a little easier, because it didn't matter what day of the week it was. Shcool started when school started, no matter which day of the week it was. Now, if I make a mistake, like I did this morning, thinking that it was Monday, instead of Tuesday....well, that's a problem. I started with Miles missing his final (Zoom) music class at preschool. His class was to begin at 9:30 this morning, but because I forgot what day of the week it was, I didn't realize it was Tuesday, and thus his music, class until 10. Whoops, missed another Zoom meeting, for the thousandth time during this pandemic. He seemed less upset than I did, but still, it wasn't a great way to start the school week. 

We managed to stay on track with the rest of the Zoom meetings after that because I never left the "classroom." Yes, it was one of THOSE days. It is 4:30, and I am still in my gym clothes. Every time I said I was going to leave for a few minutes to take a shower and change, another crisis arose. First Miles was perpetually bored and kept throwing mini fits, asking for screen time and bubble gum (sugarless, but still). Both serve as temporary pacifiers but lead to bigger meltdowns later, so I was tyring to avoid going down that road. Catherine was staring off into space or at the ceiling during most of her Zoom meeting, seemingly not doing any work at all. Graham started crying during his Zoom meeting, which is very uncharacteristic of him, saying that he was supposed to have completed his math before the meeting? Of course, I had no clue about that. Garin was the only one who seemed to do okay today, but that doesn't mean he completed his work. All that means is that he didn't get frustrated or have any meltdowns while trying to complete his assignments. That is if he actually completed his assignments or rather was secretly doing Minecraft when I wasn't watching, which is entirely possible. 

I had several bills to pay and a few phone calls that had to be made today. All in, that should have taken an hour or less, but dragged out for way longer as I kept having to put out fires in the classroom. 

At one promising point, around 2:30, I had escaped from the classroom to head upstairs to try to get in that much-needed shower. I almost got to the first stair when Graham came running after me and told me I had to come and comfort Miles. I had set Miles up to watch Planet Earth, thinking it was a better choice than Puppy Dog Pals or Vamperina. Graham joined Miles, after he purported to have finished all his schoolwork, which is still not verified. Graham explained that a Great White Shark was consuming a seal on Planet Earth, which had dissolved Miles into a puddle of tears. Seals are one of Miles' favorite animals, so obviously watching one swallowed by a Great White would be upsetting. Miles' solution to the problem was for me to park myself on the couch next to him and watch the show. Great idea. So now it was nearly 3, I was still in my gym clothes, with no shower, nor a prospect of one anytime soon, and virtually nothing to show for my day.

Shortly past 3, the kids decided they wanted to head out to swim, which was a great idea given how hot it was today. I have no idea if any of them finished their work, nor do I care, at this moment. I may ask later, but then again, I may not. I have been a big proponent of denial during this pandemic and it has served me well.  

I still can't head up for my shower, since they are now in the pool. Then I have to the farmer's market and then there's dinner to prepare. There's always tomorrow I suppose...... It's not like I have anywhere to go. 

Footnote: As I do my final edit on this post it is close to 9 and I am still in my gym clothes from this morning. Maybe I'll just sleep in them so I don't have to change for my walk in the morning. 

Trying to bribe Miles with a bowl of cottage cheese instead of bubblegum this morning. The kids were all on their Zoom meetings in the background.

Miles savoring his cottage cheese. That only lasted for five minutes. Eventually I gave in and gave him the gum, of course.

This photo showed up on my phone without my having taken it. I confirmed that Catherine took it of her mid-morning snack and she is now fancying himself a food stylist. I'd say it's quite good for a 7 year-old with some rather unexciting cheese and crackers as a subject.

Miles enjoying his pool time and putting his boredom behind him.

Graham with the now infamous pool noodles.

Catherine blowing up a new beach ball.

Garin, always thrilled to be poolside.

Graham trying hard to get the other beach ball blown up.

Catherine and Graham enjoying a little reading time before dinner.

It was still 80 when we set out for our walk at 7:30.

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