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Garin Finally Goes Back to School (Sort of) and Other Musings From the Lieblich Family

Catherine and Miles decided to take school outside, on a beautiful morning this week. Catherine loves helping Miles. I often have to remind her to finish her own work first before helping him to tackle his work. She has way more patience than I do (it's no secret that being a school teacher might be the last profession anyone could imagine me in). She seems to relish in helping him, which is a marvel to me, not to mention an enormous help. After finishing their work, they dined on their lunches al fresco.

Catherine left her (sometimes surly) pupil at the table (see photo on right) to take a little roller skating break. I get it! Maybe all teachers should take roller skating breaks when they're feeling in need of a break from their students. If I was a teacher they would find me on the yard on in my roller skates all day, rather than in the classroom with my students. Then I would be fired, in short order, which would probably be fine by me.

In addition to helping Miles with his school work, Catherine likes to teach Miles all sorts of new skills (including knife skills - yikes). Here, she was helping him with his knife skills by teaching him to prepare their favorite cheddar cheese cube snacks. Not to worry, he started out with a very small knife, for all of you who might be looking on with concern.

All ready for school, here is my Parisian Princess wearing one of her French berets, The kids aren't supposed to wear hats to school, but Catherine's teacher makes an exception, she tells me, for her French berets. How could she not? How cute is she in that hat?

Garin started school on Wednesday. Well, sort of, as the title of the blog indicates. He is only going back 3 mornings (8:30 - 11:30) every two weeks. Not exactly what either of us had hoped for when a return to school was promised, but as we've all learned during COVID, you'll take what you can get.

After more than a full year out of school. Garin was so exited this past Tuesday morning to make his big return. It was a big event in our lives. He got to use real microscopes in his science class - something that certainly would never happen over Zoom. It was a good day, or at least a good morning.

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