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Coronavirus Update - Day 28 and Counting

Today was a mellow day. I think the rain had something to do with it. Between the rain and the stay-at-home orders, you just don't feel like you have to rush to get anything done, because there is no where to go. Although I took my walk this morning (I walk, rain or shine), the kids and I skipped our evening walk. So we had a pretty relaxed day. This was our last day of school before Spring Break, which starts tomorrow. Everyone, I think including the teachers, was in that Day Before Vacation, mode. I just felt much less pressure, all around. I had a chance to write a few new posts on (check them out!), which was a real treat. Once I get an idea in my head to write about, I have to get writing. The ideas just swirl through my head and I need to get them down. I worked on those, while the kids competed their work for the day. Garin had a big math test and feels pretty confident that he did well - fingers crossed. He finally got his grade back from that high-drama math test last weekend and he got a 95%. Yay! What relief. He got a few more art projects done for that class, so slowly (very slowly), but surely, he is starting to get caught up. Overall, he is really settling in to the distance learning and with each passing day, I can see him moving in to an acceptance mode, which seems to mirror the rest of us. I see that for myself as well. In fact, it is starting to feel like my old life was the strange life and this is normal. Talking about the miracle of adapting. Four weeks ago today was the kids' last day of school. I can so vividly remember how panicked I felt at what lay ahead (having kids home for two whole weeks!). It's a good thing that I didn't know what the actual truth was that day when I picked them up. The first week was so rough, as it was for most of us. But now with each week that passes, there is a level of acceptance, a mastering of the new skills one needs for this new life and even many moments of joy and appreciation of all the wonderful things about this new reality. I have been hearing so many stories from friends of their own path, following a similar course. I hear stories of wonderful new realizations and experiences that would not have been, if not for this pandemic. It's really incredible to hear. Today we were to have driven to San Francisco to stay with our good friends, the Clutes. I was to fly out tomorrow morning, from SFO to JFK, to house hunt in Connecticut, for a possible move to the East Coast this summer. None of that is happening anymore. That saddened me a bit today. All those plans felt so real, just a few short weeks ago and now life has taken a complete 180. But I also realize that is not a bad thing. Despite how steep my own learning curve has been, especially with the homeschooling portion of this journey, I feel like I have grown, learned new coping skills and like so many of you, found the silver lining in this dark cloud. We are healthy. We are the lucky ones. I try to not let a day go by without remembering that. Stay safe and well!

Catherine and Graham lounging and reading in their sleeping bags, this morning, in Mommy's room. They say they're planning on camping out again tonight. I think I started something!

Miles and Garin helping with the morning chores.

Miles decided he wanted to be in charge of breakfast this morning. Cereal and milk!

Lining all the boxes of cereal up for the breakfast crowd.

Miles helping Mommy make a chocolate cake.

Miles licking the bowl - definitely one of my best memories of baking with my mom when I was a little girl.

Dinner tonight: Cheeseburgers, French Fries and a Mixed Garden Salad.

Everyone at the table enjoying their burgers.

Mommy and Miles' Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Late Breaking News...they ALL decided to sleep with me tonight. This never would have happened in our old life. Times are a changin'..... I'll update you tomorrow on how it goes.

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